Building Better Leaders and Teams

Leaders and Teams

Are you and your team ready to move to the next level of performance? How do you make it happen and sustain it?

Today, leaders and teams are being asked to innovate faster and produce more, while facing shorter business cycles and scarcer resources. Soulzatwork can help. We are leadership and team coaches who work with you to unlock your team’s natural strengths. We help you build leadership depth in your team to create bandwidth for a more positive team dynamic, while achieving more productive outcomes. We help companies leverage good work and their teams’ potential, and transform it into great results.


Developing Better Leaders


What does it take to be a great leader? According to Gallup research, a leader must exhibit four basic tenants in order to inspire and mobilize people to "get the job done":

  1. Trust
  2. Compassion
  3. Stability
  4. Hope


Developing Better Teams


What do best teams pay attention to? Best teams make time to develop the following (according to Katzenbach and Smith in The Wisdom of Teams):

  1. Shared team purpose
  2. Shared commitment to the team
  3. Shared performance goals and measures
  4. Shared behaviour norms
  5. Shared team practices
  6. Role clarity

Soulzatwork works with you to develop the leadership quotient within your team. We access multiple individual and team assessments to understand leadership and team strengths. Next we design a coaching program that helps leaders and their teams build together from their natural strengths and improve their effectiveness and develop personally, and, in the case of teams, systemically for the good of the whole team.