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What is the scope of application of intelligent lighting controllers in life?
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  With the continuous development of digital and Internet technologies, intelligent products have already touched on all aspects of life. Lighting itself is a very important aspect of human life. The use of lighting systems can affect our lives and can be reasonable. In use, saving a lot of energy, the use of intelligent lighting controllers, can make our lives and start an intelligent experience.

  The use of intelligent lighting controllers has raised the level of human lighting control to more than one level. LED intervention has become a semiconductor device for intelligent lighting control systems. In the process of using, digital and networked applications of lighting are never used. It may become a reality, so the lighting will not only have the function of lighting, but also the management function and detection function.


  The lighting level control can make the lighting facilities more convenient to manage, from the initial remote control to the remote and telemetry, to the later Internet of Things, and finally to complete the lighting cloud control, in the future, intelligent lighting will Become the main development channel of the lighting industry.

  In fact, the concept of intelligent lighting is not very long. It is simply a control system composed of wireless communication, power carrier and intelligent information processing. After the emergence of intelligent lighting, it can also achieve some Supporting functions such as real-time monitoring, area management, mode management, intelligent warning, GPS positioning and anti-theft detection, etc.

  The intelligent lighting control system can be realized by remote control. In short, you can use the mobile phone to control the lights inside the home after installing the smart lighting. Some people are always worried about forgetting to turn off the lights after going out. I can see if I have forgotten it, and when I go home alone at night, I am always afraid of the darkness in the house, so before I get home, I can use the mobile phone to turn on the lights inside the house.

  Intelligent lighting can also be combined with other systems to play a bigger role. After the intelligent lighting control system, you can calculate the time before going home, and warm the heating system and the water heater in advance. After returning home, you can enjoy a comfortable home life directly.


  In addition to being able to play an important role in the home field, intelligent lighting systems can also achieve more in the business field, and can also be of great help in the management of the city, such as urban streetlight management, often needed Manual inspection to see if there is any damage, but after the intelligent lighting control, you can know through the data management, where the street lamp has failed, what caused the failure, so it can reduce a lot of Human resources can also improve the efficiency of management.

  After the emergence of intelligent lighting systems, the use of lighting has broken the traditional pattern. In the future, it will be combined with intelligent lighting controllers to create more intelligent modern functions, and also make people's lives become More intelligent, a variety of lighting modes, and a variety of lighting scenes, this is not only a material enjoyment, but an efficient use of energy, is an innovation.

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