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Advantages of intelligent lighting control system?
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  The basic essence of the intelligent lighting control system is to use the feedback of different devices for different currents, and then dynamically adjust the power supply state of the device to further control the intelligent lighting system. Such a device can be effectively set up according to relevant users. The actual demand to adjust. So what are the advantages of the intelligent lighting control system after the improvement?


  First of all, the new generation of intelligent lighting control system is lighter in weight, because it is normally rectified with AC voltage. This can isolate the bulky power transformer, thereby reducing the overall weight of the power supply. This will make the volume smaller.

  Secondly, the intelligent lighting control device has a wide range of use, and the related regulated power supply can basically achieve a relatively good voltage regulation effect when inputting the AC voltage, and such a device will always be in the case of input AC voltage change. Maintain the high efficiency state associated with the voltage regulator circuit.

  The new generation of intelligent lighting control system is very safe and reliable in the whole operation process. There is protection circuit in the design structure, or the power can be automatically cut off in the event of malfunction and abnormality. This protection function can not only make the whole operation more complete. Safe and reliable, it can also be operated automatically and sensitively.

  The power loss of the intelligent lighting control device is small. Therefore, it is not necessary to select a large heat sink to help the heat dissipation of the machine. The surrounding components of the product will not be damaged due to high temperature due to long working hours. Despite this, we still recommend that you perform regular inspections of such devices during daily use, and find abnormal or faulty problems, and notify professional maintenance personnel to deal with them at the first time.

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