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Electrical fire monitoring failure and safety use and precautions
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  1, fault

  First, there is no display after electrical fire monitoring

  Reason: The electrical fire monitoring power supply is not working properly;

  Solution: Check the AC220V power supply;


   Second, there is no sound when the alarm

  Cause: Poor contact of the horn components of the electrical fire monitoring

  Solution: Reinsert the wiring section of the electrical fire monitoring horn assembly

  Third, equipment failure

  Cause: The electrical fire monitoring cable is disconnected, the component code is wrong, the component is damaged, and the electrical fire monitoring is poorly connected to the base.

  Solution: Replace the internal components of the electrical fire monitoring and check the connection location of the electrical fire monitoring;

  Fourth, the loop fails

  Cause: Bus short circuit, water in the component, etc.

  Solution: Check the wiring for electrical fire monitoring.


  2, safe use

  First, electrical fire monitoring because it is a compact electronic product, requires professional management and can not be touched at will to prevent electrical fire monitoring damage.

  Second, electrical fire monitoring should be accurate and meticulous in the use of electrical fire monitoring records. If any abnormality occurs, first check the electrical fire monitoring abnormal location record and notify the manufacturer to repair or find professional repair.

  Third, after the internal wiring inspection of electrical fire monitoring, electrical fire monitoring equipment can be installed and debugged to prevent damage during installation.

  Fourth, check whether the electrical fire monitoring has a corresponding protection detector on the corresponding protection line to avoid this situation.


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