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Electrical fire monitoring and detection method
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  1, temperature detection

  The temperature detection methods for electrical fire monitoring are generally used in the secondary protection circuit and there are some sites because the conductors are connected in order to set the temperature detection value during the temperature detection of the electrical fire monitoring. The temperature of the most critical part of a low voltage distribution setting such as a cable. If the object to be inspected is an insulating material in electrical fire monitoring, the temperature sensor should be placed in the insulator. The above can be tested; if the temperature changes, just touch the part close to the hot part.


  2, extended settings detection

  The method is to set up different extension resins in electrical fire monitoring, such as residual current in the wires. Within the setting range of the electrical fire monitoring alarm value, if the measured value is within this range, it will prove that the environment in which the system is installed is within the safe range. After considering the normal leakage of the system and electrical equipment, the detection method with leakage power estimation will set the alarm setting value, which will greatly improve the monitoring efficiency and reduce the data errors caused by the leakage.


  3, system grounding

  In the installation of electrical fire monitoring users, whether it is an old factory or a new factory, the detection of the power system includes an independent substation system and grounding form. The leakage current detection of such external branch lines is also a necessary means for system detection.


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