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Characteristics of electrical fire monitoring
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  The electrical fire monitoring system consists of a single host plus a number of residual current fire alarms and bus isolators connected by a double bus. When the current in the line fails, the fault deterioration and fire can be effectively prevented, because the electrical fire monitoring system can analyze and confirm the root cause of the problem and send an alarm signal to the administrator at the first time. The problem data will be displayed and the problem data will be logged. Users can take effective measures based on the data to prevent the same failure from happening again.


  As a modern product, the electrical fire monitoring system is essentially different from the traditional automatic fire alarm system. The early warning of the electrical fire monitoring system is to achieve zero loss, while the traditional automatic fire alarm system can only reduce losses. Modern electrical fire monitoring systems typically have seven features.

  The first feature is the display and linkage functions. The electrical fire monitoring system can display fault information in Chinese, which can effectively restore parallel monitoring, control and alarm functions.

  The second feature is the failure analysis specific. Typically, fault analysis includes leakage, overload, phase loss, overvoltage and undervoltage protection.

  The third feature is the high sensitivity to temperature, which initiates a smoke alarm as long as the temperature in the circuit changes significantly.

  The fourth feature is that the fire protection system can be connected and ready to receive fire orders at the first time.

  The fifth feature is the multi-function control of a machine that can control up to 8 lines of power-off modules.

  The sixth feature is that the power-down value can be set manually so that specific data can be set in a special field.

  The seventh feature is that it can display the fault address and then make a targeted solution.


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