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Design concept of electrical fire monitoring
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  The first consideration is that electrical fire monitoring needs to be configured independently and act as a subsystem of the fire alarm system. For the product itself, the pre-fire electrical system and the monitoring and alarming tasks that may cause the fire must be met.

  The second is that the various field devices of the system are preferably independent so as not to cause a single failure to impede all of the inability to work.


  The third is that the electrical fire monitoring needs to meet the work of the current affairs map display, and the parameters of each modified monitoring node can be queried and set online.

  The fourth is that the system must be a panel phenotype structure to meet all operations on the panel.

  The fifth is to have an early warning function to send an alarm signal before the parameter reaches the monitoring alarm value.


  Sixth, for small-scale functions with fewer than 20 nodes, there is no need to configure the host and system bus, using separate monitors or monitoring probes.

  The seventh is that the system should be based on protection power monitoring and protection, and the configuration should be overcurrent monitoring and protection.

  The eighth is that the temperature monitoring of the system should be based on detecting the ambient temperature in the power distribution cabinet. The temperature cannot be detected by the method of entering and exiting the copper terminal temperature.

  The ninth is that the system design and configuration should meet the requirements of safety, reliability and economy.


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