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Building energy analysis management system
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  1.1 System Structure

  The Acrel-5000 energy monitoring system uses wired or wireless network technology to perform component monitoring of the building's water, electricity, and heating energy consumption. It is a more active means of building energy consumption collection, and is also a useful supplement to the equipment energy consumption collection method. The data collected by the system can provide a more direct reference value for the energy-saving retrofit solution in the management perspective, making the energy consumption supervision work faster and more effective. At the same time, the system can effectively control the waste of energy in the building, and achieve the purpose of optimizing energy supply, improving energy management level and saving energy costs.

  The energy consumption monitoring system monitors and displays the energy consumption according to national standards. It retains the functions of the Acrel-3000 power management system. On this basis, it is more standardized and can not only be used for various power parameters. Measurement and monitoring are carried out, and water consumption, power consumption, gas consumption, etc. can be measured and displayed in a centralized manner, and electric energy is separately measured according to national regulations.

  The system mainly installs metering devices for water, electricity, gas and other equipment on site, and measures energy consumption in real time, including power meters, gas meters, water meters, hot and cold meters, etc., and data is collected by data acquisition devices. Uploaded to the data transfer station, the data transfer station will then process the real-time data in a unified manner, and finally upload it to the data center via the Internet, including the provincial/municipal data center, or upload it to the national data center to store the data. Display and measure the energy consumption corresponding to the energy consumption data exceeding the national standard consumption to take measures to save energy and reduce consumption.

  The energy consumption data measured by various instruments on the site is transmitted to the data transfer station via the data acquisition device. The data acquisition device is located in the network communication layer, and mainly includes a communication management machine, a serial communication server, a photoelectric converter, a GPRS modem, and the like. The on-site sub-meters are connected to the data acquisition device via a fieldbus (shielded twisted pair).

  The data transfer station is responsible for storing, calculating, displaying, and uploading energy consumption data to the upper level, etc. Generally, the equipment includes industrial application computers, printing equipment, UPS power, and human-machine interface (HMI). . The energy monitoring system software is installed in the computer to monitor the on-site energy consumption data changes in real time. The data collection device can upload various energy consumption data to the transfer station through networking such as Ethernet or GPRS. The data transfer station will properly process the energy consumption data collected by the automatic metering device of the building energy consumption monitoring system, and pass it to the data center through the RS485 interface and automatically and in real time using the TCP/IP communication protocol to ensure the data. Get effective management and support efficient query services to achieve consistency of data organization, storage and exchange.

  The data center is also the database, which receives and stores the energy consumption data of the monitored buildings in its management area, and processes, analyzes, displays and publishes them. The data center should have the time interval for setting data update, access historical data, alarm, print report, real-time and historical curve, chart drawing, and reserve corresponding expansion functions, for example, similar public building energy consumption comparison function, item comparison function , basic information query function, meter energy consumption data calculation, building energy consumption data summary, collection data display, user rights management, etc.

  1.2 Introduction of main functions

  The main features of the Acrel5000 energy monitoring system software include:

  1.2.1 Energy consumption data monitoring

  After monitoring the communication connection between the host and the system, the related data can be automatically monitored and recorded, such as voltage, current, electric energy, harmonic content, water consumption, air consumption, heat consumption, and cooling capacity on the field device. The energy consumption data is converted into a standard coal consumption. In order to upload the data to the data center for unified query and management, the data is encoded.

  1.2.2 Chart display function

  Energy consumption data can be displayed in bar graph, pie chart display, real-time and historical report display, printing and export operations. The energy consumption data is compared and the energy consumption values ??exceeding the standard are processed to take a series of energy saving measures. It can query and analyze the energy consumption data of a certain period and a certain area.

  1.2.3 Alarm function display

  If the detected value exceeds the set range, that is, the sound and light alarm, and the name of the instrument in question and the range of the parameter are displayed on the screen, if there are multiple data alarms, the list of values ??will be displayed in order.

  1.2.4 Curve display

  It can display the dynamic trend of the energy consumption of a certain branch in real time, and intuitively display the current system operation.

  1.3 Standard data coding case

  The system software is a professional monitoring system software, namely Acrel5000 energy consumption monitoring system software, which can be applied to operating system platforms such as Windows 2000/XP. The main energy consumption data monitored by this software includes power consumption and gas consumption (natural gas quantity). Or gas quantity), water consumption, central heating and heat consumption, centralized cooling and cooling capacity, other energy applications (such as concentrated hot water supply, coal, oil, renewable energy, etc.).

  For the energy consumption data collected on site, it can be uploaded to the municipal, provincial and higher data centers for storage and display of energy consumption data. In order to facilitate unified management and query, according to the relevant national documents, the system can The consumption data is encoded, and the coding rules follow the national unified standards. The following is an example of data encoding for the air conditioning power consumption of the Beijing Second Foreign Languages ??Institute Library using the Acrel5000 energy monitoring system.

  Example: Beijing Second Foreign Language College Library air-conditioning electricity

  110100 D 101 01 B 2 0

  110100: Administrative division code code, 110100 Beijing Municipal District

  D: Building category code, D culture education building

  101: Building identification code, unified by the county and city construction administrative department where the building is located, 101 Library North Second Foreign Library

  01: Classification energy coding, 01 electricity

  B: Partial energy consumption coding, A lighting socket power, B air conditioning electricity, C power electricity, D special electricity

  2: Level 1 sub-item, 2 air conditioning ends

  0: secondary sub-item, 0 means no item

  From this coding, we can see the relevant properties of the set of data.

  1.4 Energy consumption classification and sub-monitoring display

  According to national standards, the Acrel5000 energy consumption monitoring system converts various types of energy consumption data into standard coal consumption, including sub-item electricity consumption, unit building area electricity consumption, and unit air-conditioning area electricity consumption.

  The monitoring data display generally includes the following aspects:

  (1) Basic information of buildings, monitoring of energy consumption, and classification of energy consumption;

  (2) a list of hourly raw readings for each monitoring branch;

  (3) Timely, daily, monthly, and yearly energy consumption values ??(lists and figures) of each monitoring branch;

  (4) Maps and tables of various related energy consumption indicators;

  (5) Comparison of individual building-related energy consumption indicators with similar reference buildings.

  The system software has functions such as user management, foreground monitoring, energy bar graph display, report display, alarm record and data backup.

  1.5 software interface

  The Acrel5000 energy monitoring system has been widely used in large public buildings and other fields. As its functions continue to improve, it will become the mainstream system software in the current energy monitoring field.

  1.6 Zigbee wireless communication network technology

  The Zigbee wireless standard has powerful networking capabilities to support self-organizing wireless networks, including star, mesh and cluster structures, especially mesh structures, with strong network robustness and system reliability. The mesh network topology consists of several Zigbee terminal nodes and repeaters transmitting the corresponding data to a Zigbee central node. The central node transmits the energy consumption data to the monitoring host. The monitoring system is equipped with Acrel5000 energy monitoring. The system software monitors the live data in real time and processes the data, and then uploads it to the superior data center.

  The network of MESH mesh network topology has powerful functions. The network can communicate by means of “multi-level hopping”; the topology can also form an extremely complex network; the network also has self-organizing and self-healing functions.

  Electric meter remote meter reading system based on Zigbee technology:

  The remote meter reading based on zigbee technology eliminates the trouble of arranging the communication line on site, saves the cost and reduces the engineering quantity, and provides a convenient convenience for the centralized management of electric energy. The mesh network structure is used to ensure the data transmission. Reliability.

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