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  1.1, overview

  The control box is mainly used in the voltage grid system with AC 50Hz and rated working power supply of AC380V/AC220V. According to the performance of the control box can be divided into: electrical control box, frequency control box, pump control box, power control box, elevator control box, PLC control box. Widely used in enterprises, shopping malls, hotels, schools, airports, etc., is an indispensable part of low-voltage power control systems.

  1.2 Implementation standards

  l GB 7251.3-2006 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment Part 3"

  l JB/T3752.1-2013 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment product model preparation method"

  l GBT 22764.1-2008 "Low-voltage cabinets - Part 1: General specification"

  l GB50171-2012 "Code for construction and acceptance of electrical installation equipment, cabinets and secondary circuit connection lines"

  l GB 4208-2008 "Shell protection level (IP code)"

  l GB9466.1-1998 "Basic Experimental Methods for Low Voltage Switchgear"

  1.3 Product Features

  1.3.1 The box body is assembled by partial welding of cold-rolled steel plate, which has the characteristics of light weight and high strength. The cabinet and its components are all galvanized or electrostatically sprayed, and the coating is uniform and beautiful and corrosion resistant;

  1.3.2 According to the on-site installation and use environment, customer needs, etc., design the corresponding cabinet to meet the needs of on-site installation and use;

  1.3.3 For the functional control box, it can be modularized according to the functions used. The box has clear functions, beautiful appearance and high safety performance, which is convenient for on-site operators.

  1.3.4 The cabinet can also be configured with data acquisition function and standard communication interface to realize remote real-time monitoring and computer network management;

  1.4 control box technical parameters

  1.5 Control box dimensions

  1.6 Model Description

  1.6 AZX Model Description

  1.7 Application areas

  1.7.1 Shopping Mall

  1.7.2 Factory

  1.7.3 Hospital

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