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Communication room (data information center) power management system
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  First, the data center power monitoring solution

  1 Overview

  With the rapid development of data centers, the energy consumption of data centers has become more and more prominent. The energy management and power supply and distribution design of data centers has become a hot issue. The efficient and reliable data center power distribution system solution is to improve the data center. An efficient way to use energy efficiency and reduce equipment energy consumption.

  2 reference standard

  YD/T 939-2005 "Power Distribution Cabinet for Transmission Equipment"

  YD/T 585-1999 "Communication Power Distribution Equipment"

  YD/T 944-2007 "Lightning protection technical requirements and test methods for communication power supply equipment"

  YD/T 638.3-1998 "Method for naming communication power supply equipment"

  3 system function

  ■ Incoming line monitoring:

  Three-phase voltage, three-phase current, system frequency;

  Each phase and total active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor;

  Each phase and total active energy, reactive energy;

  Voltage imbalance, current imbalance;

  Incoming switch monitoring;

  Optional monitoring of harmonic currents;

  ■ Outbound monitoring:

  Rated current setting, current value of each phase;

  Load percentage

  Switch state monitoring;

  Active power, reactive power, apparent power, and power factor of each phase;

  Active energy and reactive energy of each phase;

  The phase of each loop of the outgoing loop can be arbitrarily configured.

  ■ Alarm function:

  Incoming line overcurrent 2 segment threshold over limit alarm, the alarm value can be set arbitrarily;

  Incoming current under-current 2 segment threshold over-limit alarm, the alarm value can be arbitrarily set;

  Incoming overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, overfrequency, low frequency over-limit alarm;

  Sound and light alarm function.

  ■ Event record:

  Various electrical parameters exceed the limit alarm record;

  Switching action event record.

  4 Product selection

  5 precision power distribution cabinet

  The ADPF power distribution cabinet collects all energy data comprehensively for the data center equipment energy monitoring requirements, and reflects the power quality data in real time through the display unit to realize real-time monitoring and operation quality management of the entire power distribution system. Help users optimize network data centers, strengthen energy management, improve server rack operation efficiency, and provide reliable protection for all-round green IDC.

  5.1 Technical parameters


  5.2 Product naming rules

  5.3 Main features

  l The cabinet is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed, which is beautiful and elegant.

  l Modular, standardized design, flexible configuration and convenient production

  l The internal wiring of the cabinet is convenient, reliable and beautiful.

  l Monitor all electrical parameters (including voltage, current, power, power factor, power, frequency, etc.) of the two-way AC mains input (three-phase four-wire system) or UPS input.

  l Monitor the feed-out switch status, AC input status, fuse status, and lightning arrester status, and alarm in case of failure

  l The color of the cabinet is equipped with a color touch screen, which displays the data and communicates with the host computer through RS485 interface to realize data collection, storage, query and forwarding.

  5.4 Installation

  l The installation environment must meet the environmental requirements listed in the technical parameters. For use in other environments, please consult Shanghai Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd.

  l Note that the mounting surface must meet the load-bearing requirements

  l The ADPF is opened before and after the front, and the front and rear maintenance are used. The 800mm operation and maintenance space should be reserved on the front and back of the ADPF.

  l ADPF should be installed and fixed on the concrete floor or mounting bracket (do not hoist, otherwise the cabinet structure will be deformed or damaged)

  5.5 Wiring

  l The inlet and outlet holes are provided on the top and bottom of the ADPF. The user can use the upper or lower line according to the site requirements.

  l If the inlet and outlet lines are too large or too thick, the inlet holes are not enough. You can remove the whole baffle to make the wires. If you need to remove the baffle to make the wires, the wiring is completed, you need to install your own fireproof mud. Inlet hole

  l A cable tie beam is provided on the left and right sides of the inner wall of the cabinet. When the cable is routed inside the cabinet, you need to use the cable hole on the cable tie to tie the cable.

  l The user should install the cable fixing bracket to fix the cable and support cable weight outside the cabinet. The terminal block in the cabinet cannot be used as the cable connection force receiving member.

  5.6 Operation Display Panel

  By operating the display panel, you can easily learn the working status of ADPF, query all ADPF parameters and alarm information, and make related settings. The display panel of the ADPF cabinet uses the TPC7062 of Kunlun Tongtai.

  l HD: 800 × 480 resolution, experience exquisite, natural, transparent

  l True color: 65,535 color digital color, rich graphics library, enjoy top quality image quality

  l Reliable: anti-jamming performance meets industry level III standard, LED backlighting, long life

  l Configuration: ARM9 core, 400M main frequency, 64M memory, 128M storage space

  l Environmental protection: low power consumption, the whole machine consumes only 6W, develops green industry, advocates energy conservation

  6 Product introduction

  6.1 APMD710 Power Quality Test Instrument



  6.2 AMC16 Series Multi-loop Monitoring Instrument

  l technical parameters


  l shape and size (mm)



  6.3 AMC16B Series Multi-loop Monitoring Instrument

  l technical parameters


  l shape and size (mm)

  6.4 PZ series programmable intelligent electrical measuring instrument

  lPZ72L-E4/H AC energy meter

  lPZ72L-DE/C embedded DC energy meter


  lPZ300-DE/C rail type DC energy meter

  l shape and size (mm)

  6.5 Accessories

  1. AKH-0.66-Z type current transformer

  l product features

  Patented product, clamshell design, beautiful appearance and convenient wiring. The outer casing material is made of transparent polycarbonate, with a primary current of 10-250A, and the output is 5A, 1A, 20mA, 50mA and other current signals. As an AC current signal acquisition component, it can reduce the cumbersome installation space and wiring of the current transformer, and reduce the cost for the user.

  l Model description

  l Specifications (mm)

  2. AKH-0.66W-12 series miniature current mutual inductance

  l product features

  The product is square-shaped, with a primary current of 10-100A and output of 20mA and other small current signals. It is used with the AMC16 multi-circuit power meter produced by our company. The product has the advantages of small size, high precision, strong load capacity and convenient installation. To save costs for users to achieve multi-loop monitoring.

  l Model description


  l Specifications (mm)

  3. AKH-0.66K-Φ20 opening current mutual inductance

  l product features

  Patented product, beautiful appearance and convenient wiring. The current is 2-75A, the output is 2mA, 5mA, 10mA, 20mA, 30mA, 50mA and other current signals. The upper cover material is made of transparent polycarbonate, which can clearly see the secondary lead wiring.

  l Model description

  l Specifications (mm)

  4.HNC-100LT Hall Sensor

  l product features

  The HNC-100LT Hall sensor is rated for DC 100A (linear range 0~±150A DC). The output current is 50mA±0.6%. If it exceeds 100A, the model is optional. 0~2000A is available.

  Note: When equipped with Hall sensor, it should be equipped with a switching power supply, ±15V/2A, output, recommended KDYA-50A



  7 Application case


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