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ANDPF series precision power supply header
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  1.1, overview

  The Precision Power Distribution Cabinet is an intelligent power distribution cabinet that collects all energy data for the energy end of the data center computer room. Provide high-precision measurement data for the terminal energy monitoring system, reflect the power quality data in real time through the display unit, and upload the data to the background environmental monitoring system through RS485 communication to achieve real-time monitoring and effective management of the entire power distribution system. . Help users optimize network data centers, strengthen energy management, and improve server rack operation efficiency. It is mainly used in important customers such as telecommunications, finance, government IT and other data centers or industrial enterprises. It provides power distribution for important equipment such as network servers, and protection, measurement, and management of computer grounding.

  1.2, implementation standards

  lGB 7251.12-2013 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment Part 1"

  lJB/T3752.1-2013 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment product model preparation method"

  lGBT 22764.1-2008 "Low-voltage cabinets - Part 1: General specification"

  lGB50171-2012 "Electrical installation engineering engineering panel, cabinet and secondary circuit connection line construction and acceptance specifications"

  lGB 4208-2008 "Shell protection level (IP code)"

  lGB9466.1-1998 "Basic Experimental Methods for Low Voltage Switchgear"

  lYD-T 939-2005 "Power Distribution Cabinet for Transmission Equipment"

  1.3, product features

  1.3.1 Precision power distribution cabinet adopts AMC16ZD multi-loop monitoring device newly developed by Encore, which can measure three-phase current, voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and frequency on the incoming line side. Etc., it is also possible to simultaneously monitor the current, voltage, active power, and power factors of multiple branches. At the same time, it can display the accumulated active energy and incremental energy, comprehensively monitor the parameters of the system operation, and reduce the comrades in the power distribution cabinet space through HIM comprehensive display, and improve the floor area ratio of the power distribution cabinet.

  1.3.2 Precision Power Distribution Cabinet In addition to power management, it also has the functions of operation management and safety management, which effectively improves the reliability and reduces the risk of the entire power distribution system.

  1.3.3 Precision power distribution cabinet supports more loops, high space utilization and reduced floor space.

  1.3.4 Ankerui specially developed the precision power distribution management system software. With this set of management software, users can remotely access the two through the data center background management system to realize electrical parameter values, switch status, zero ground voltage and Data such as leakage current is monitored in real time; functions such as over-limit alarm, event recording, and data upload can also be implemented.



  1.4, technical parameters

  1.5 dimensions

  1.6 Model Description

  1.7 system solution

  1.7.1 AC system, detecting incoming line parameters, outgoing line parameters only detecting switch status

  1.7.2 AC system 1 way incoming line, the number of roads is not more than 21, the outgoing current is not more than 100A

  1.7.3 AC system 2 incoming lines, the number of roads is not more than 36 (12 three-phase), the outgoing current is not more than 100A

  1.7.4 AC system 2-way incoming line (ATS switching), the number of roads is not more than 84 (28 three-phase), the outgoing current is not more than 63A

  1.7.5 DC DC240V or DC48V system, 1 incoming line + outgoing line is no more than 24 way

  1.7.6 DC DC240V or DC48V system, 1 incoming line + outgoing line is no more than 16 way

  1.8 Application place

  1.8.1 Telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom and other communication occasions

  Telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom and other communications companies gather a large number of servers, storage devices, network equipment and supporting UPS. The precision power distribution cabinet distributes electric energy to these devices, and intelligently monitors and displays various necessary parameters to ensure the operation of the equipment.

  1.8.2 Government agencies

  The government agency is the executive organ of the state power organ. It has a large amount of data to be stored and processed, and a stable power distribution system can ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Precision power distribution cabinets play an important role and are widely used in government agencies.

  1.8.3 Financial Center

  The financial center is a financial market centered on the operation of commodity currencies. There is a large amount of financial data that needs to be stored, processed, transmitted, exchanged, and centrally processed. Precision power distribution cabinets are required in each data room.

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