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AZX-Z intelligent lighting control solution
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  1 Overview

  In order to meet the requirements of modern building green, energy saving and comfort, intelligent and integrated solutions have become the trend of today's architectural design. Our company provides intelligent lighting control solutions for different places, improves the use efficiency of lighting systems through intelligent solutions, reduces lighting energy consumption, saves enterprise energy, provides good visual conditions, and meets people's higher living requirements.

  2, intelligent lighting control solutions

  The intelligent lighting control system adopts the KNX bus standard. The KNX standard originated in Europe and is the only building home bus standard certified as the international common IEC standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3). It is also the standard implemented by the current national standard (GB/Z 20965). -2013).

   figure 1

  The working principle of the KNX system is to use the signal control bus to connect various devices of the system to the bus, and to set control devices (panels, sensors, timers, etc.) and controlled devices (switch drivers, tune) through software programming or smart panels. The relationship between optical drives, etc., includes the number, mode, trigger conditions, etc. that the control device can control.

  3. Main control functions and advantages of intelligent lighting control system

  Control content

  ●Lighting, dimming control ●Air conditioning, heating and other controls ●Curtain, door/window control ●Video and audio equipment control

  Intelligent system advantages

  ●Energy saving effect

  In today's energy shortage and the country's vigorous promotion of energy conservation, the use of intelligent lighting control systems to maximize energy savings has very practical significance.

  ●Good economics

  The intelligent system guarantees that the lights are illuminated and the required illumination is only required when necessary, which not only saves energy, but also prolongs the service life of the lamps and light sources.

  ● Improve the working environment, improve work efficiency, and realize the humanization of lighting

  The intelligent lighting control system can create a comfortable and warm lighting environment, adding its artistic charm and improving the quality of the lighting environment.

  4, intelligent lighting control box

  The intelligent lighting control box is an indispensable device in the intelligent lighting control system. Various intelligent lighting control components are installed inside to realize the lighting control and electrical protection of the system through some protective components.

  4.1 Technical parameters

  Technical parameters indicator notes

  Rated working voltage AC230V 50/60HZ

  Protection class IP54

  Ambient temperature -10 °C - +55 °C

  Relative humidity ≤ 85

  Altitude ≤2000m

  Applicable to lamps, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, LED lamps

  The number of control loops is 4, 8, 12, and 16 specific loops according to actual control requirements.

  Communication protocol KNX bus

  Scene mode configuration

  4.2 box specifications

  Note: The actual size can be customized according to customer requirements.

  4.3 naming rules

  4.4 Application areas


  ● Monitoring equipment: lighting, curtain curtains, air conditioning.

  ● Control mode: manual control, timing control, motion sensing control, lamp illumination control, scene switching.

  By installing smart panels in various areas of the hall, lighting on/off, lamp illumination adjustment, air conditioner on/off, hall temperature adjustment, curtain up/down/stop, and scene switching control can be realized according to the actual working conditions on site.

  The system can set the running time in advance for different working scenarios such as going to work and getting off work. It is also possible to alternately open different lighting circuits in different periods to extend the service life of the lamps and save the maintenance cost of the lamps.

  By installing a mobile sensor, it is possible to turn on the light when someone is on, and turn off the light when there is no one.

  The hall is equipped with an illuminance sensor to control the brightness of the light, such as windows and doors, to make full use of natural light, extend the life of the lamp, and save energy.

  The lights in the hall are mainly divided into downlights, chandeliers, spotlights and so on. Different scene modes are set in the system according to the different needs of the lights. For example: daytime scene, nighttime scene, welcome scene, energy saving scene, holiday scene, etc.

  meeting room

  ● Monitoring equipment: lighting, curtain curtains, air conditioning, audio and video equipment, etc.

  ●Control mode: manual control, infrared remote control, human body induction control, scene control, anti-misoperation control

  Through the intelligent panel of the conference room, infrared remote control, touch screen and other control devices, set different parameters, control lighting, air conditioning, electric curtains and audio-visual equipment, etc., to achieve various scenes such as conference scenes, speech scenes, rest scenes, screening scenes, etc. Free switching control.

  The lights and air conditioners are controlled by a human body sensor installed at the top of the conference room area, and the lights and air conditioners are automatically turned on when someone is present. Turn off lights and air conditioners automatically when no one is present.

  According to the architectural structure of the conference room, the lighting environment control meets the special requirements of the overall use and segmentation. Each area can meet the actual usage requirements, and the scene mode is preset according to the main activity content. The switching of the scene mode can be operated by the staff in the sound control room, or can be remotely operated according to the activity needs of the on-site host.

  The panel has an anti-misoperation function by pressing a specific key or setting a password. During the meeting, sometimes the object is accidentally touched, and the participants may change the scene scene mode due to the curious touch of the corresponding key, which will have a considerable impact on the meeting. By using the anti-misoperation function, you can limit the usage rights, which is safe, reliable, and easy to use.

  the mall

  ● Monitoring equipment: lighting, curtain curtains, air conditioning, etc.

  ● Control mode: manual control, timing control, human body induction control, illumination control, scene control.

  Through the smart panel or touch screen, the lighting can be turned on/off and dimmed according to the needs of the shopping mall. The air conditioner is turned on/off and the temperature is controlled. Different lighting and temperature environments are set according to different functional partitions.

  According to the actual operation time of the mall, the running time of the system is preset, and the lighting and air conditioning are controlled to meet the requirements of the illumination of the lamp during the working hours such as going to work and off work. The system provides time points, time periods, and weekly, monthly, yearly, and special holiday timing functions.

  In the shopping mall, the human body sensor controller is installed as needed, and the system automatically converts the area into a motion sensing working mode during holidays or a specified time period, according to whether someone or no one realizes the on/off control of the light.

  According to the illuminance of each area of ??the mall, the illuminance sensor is installed to automatically adjust the brightness of the light or not turn on the light in a region with sufficient natural light, and use natural light reasonably and effectively to save energy and prolong the use time of the luminaire.

  Free-standing office

  ● Monitoring equipment: lighting, curtain curtains, air conditioning.

  ● Control mode: manual control, infrared remote control, human body induction control, illuminance control, scene control, fire linkage control.

  A stand-alone office is the main area for office and meeting guests, and the diversity of functions necessarily requires a variety of lights to match. Therefore, the office can adopt a variety of adjustable light sources, according to the actual use needs, through the system to preset different lighting and dark lighting, to produce a variety of lighting visual effects, so that the office always maintains the lighting environment that best meets the needs of use (such as office, meeting guests , leisure and other lighting scenes). Adjust the brightness of the light, the angle of the curtain, and switch the scene control freely through the smart panel or the handheld infrared remote control. The scene mode can also be preset in the system, and the desired lighting scene can be called by simply pressing a certain scene button during operation.

  The human body sensor is set in the independent office hall, and when the person is detected, the light is automatically turned on and the preset scene mode is entered.

  Install an illuminance sensor in the appropriate area of ??the office to allow the system to automatically adjust the interior lighting to ensure a stable and comfortable office environment.

  When the fire signal appears, the system collects the signal, automatically turns off the air conditioner, normal lighting and other equipment, and forcibly lights the emergency lighting circuit.

  hotel room

  ● Monitoring equipment: lighting, fans, curtain curtains, air conditioning, room card machine, fire linkage control.

  ● Control mode: central centralized control, manual control, human body induction control, illumination control.

  Through the touch screen or the front desk computer, the system can centrally manage the use of hotel rooms and control the use of fans and air conditioners in various areas. Set different scenes for different scenes and switch freely. Centralized management can provide reasonable control of the hotel and improve work efficiency.

  Install a human body sensing controller in the public areas of the hotel's corridors, reception areas, etc., to achieve the control effect of turning on the lights and turning off the lights.

  In some areas with better lighting effects, illuminance sensors and dimming devices are used to control the lighting in these areas, making rational use of natural light and saving energy.

  Through the system, linkage with the card signal can be realized. The card signal is input into the system through the input unit. When there is a card, the lights and air conditioners in the room automatically enter the welcome mode. After the card is unplugged, after a period of delay, the lights in the room, TV, air conditioning, automatic off.

  When the system collects the fire signal, the air conditioner and normal lighting are turned off, the emergency lighting control is turned on, and the emergency lighting circuit is forcibly illuminated.


  ●Monitoring equipment: lighting, curtain curtains, air conditioning, etc.

  ● Control mode: central centralized control, manual control, illuminance control, fire linkage control.

  By setting the smart panel, control the temperature in the ward, germicidal lamps, light switches, dimming, electric curtain opening and closing, angle adjustment, main switch, bathroom lighting and exhaust fan, etc., and can set consultation scenes, rest scenes, meeting scenes, etc. .

  The central centralized control can automatically control the fan coil. When the indoor temperature is close to the set temperature, the wind speed is automatically adjusted from high to low, so that the indoor temperature is always maintained at the set temperature, which is energy-saving and comfortable. Central centralized control allows for heating control by controlling the heat sink.

  The ward corridor lighting can be automatically turned on in conjunction with the light sensor and the time controller. In the case of low illumination requirements, the corridor lights will automatically turn off.

  At night, after the patient falls asleep, the manager can control the fan coil in the ward to maintain different temperatures in the ward.

  The central control room can display and control the actual temperature and set temperature of each ward, and can set the upper and lower limits of the adjustable temperature of each ward.

  The system collects fire signals and links them with fire signals. When a fire signal appears, the system automatically turns off the air conditioner, normal lighting and other equipment, and turns on emergency lighting control.

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