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Industrial insulation monitoring products
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  1 Overview

  With the development of industrial technology, leakage current poses a great threat to industrial production safety. In order to improve the continuity and reliability of power supply, many important production sites use ungrounded power supply systems. Ankerui AIM-T series industrial insulation monitors are mainly used in industrial unbalanced systems such as mines, glass factories, electric furnaces and test equipment, metallurgical plants, chemical plants, explosion hazardous areas, computer centers and emergency power supplies. It is used to monitor the insulation status of the system to the ground in real time. When the system has a ground fault, it will alarm in time to remind the relevant personnel to check the fault. The design of the product is strictly in accordance with national standards and specifications.

  2. Product introduction

  2.1 AIM-T system industrial insulation monitor

  The medical isolated power monitoring system is used to centrally monitor the operation of medical IT systems in all medical category 2 locations in the medical building. This centralized monitoring system can be set up in the duty room of the hospital's electrical operation and maintenance personnel, or integrated into other power monitoring systems, and monitored by professional electricians. Once an IT system fails, electrical maintenance personnel can also Make judgments in the first time and deal with them according to the situation on the spot.

   The AIM-T series insulation monitor is mainly used in the IT distribution system of industrial sites to monitor the insulation status of the IT system to the ground. When the system has an insulation fault, it will alarm in time to remind the electric maintenance personnel to check the fault in time. The products mainly include two series of AIM-T100 and AIM-T200, among which AIM-T200 series is divided into A type (rail type installation) and type B (embedded installation). The functions and technical requirements are the same except for different installation methods. .

  2.2 Compliance with standards

  a.IEC 61557-8-2007 "Testing, measuring or monitoring equipment for electrical safety protection testing of low-voltage distribution systems of 1000 V and DC 1500 V. Part 8: Insulation monitoring devices in IT systems"

  B. GB/T 18268.24-2010 Electromagnetic compatibility requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and testing - Part 24: Particular requirements for insulation monitoring devices in accordance with IEC 61557-8 and insulation fault locating devices in accordance with IEC 61557-9 Configuration, Working Conditions and Performance Criteria

  2.3 naming rules

  2.4 Technical parameters

  2.5 shape and installation size (unit: mm)

  ● AIM-T100A outline and installation dimensions:

  ● AIM-T200A outline and installation dimensions:

  ● AIM-T200B outline and installation dimensions:

  3. Product application

  3.1 AIM-T100A insulation monitor application

  The AIM-T100A Insulation Monitor is mainly used in AC single-phase or three-phase IT power distribution systems of 800V and below for powering equipment that is not allowed to be powered off, such as electric motors, pumps, air cooling and air conditioning systems, lighting systems, Heating system, mobile generator, various rolling mills without variable speed drive, etc. For example, the application diagram of the AIM-T100A insulation monitor in the motor IT power supply system is shown.

  Schematic diagram of AIM-T100A application in electric motor IT power supply system

  3.2 AIM-T200 Series Insulation Monitor Application

  Mainly used in AC single-phase or three-phase ungrounded systems below 800V (the system does not contain DC components or rectifier equipment), allowing the system to earth leakage capacitance less than 80uA, and the product supports dual sets of IT system interconnection functions, that is, when two sets When the IT system is integrated into one IT system through the mother, only one insulation monitor works, and the other automatically stops the insulation monitoring function after detecting that the bus coupling switch is closed. For example, the application diagram of the AIM-T200 product in the main power distribution system is shown.

  Schematic diagram of application of AIM-T200 series insulation monitor in main distribution system

  3.3 Application selection

  4. The above plan

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