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New ideas for medical power distribution design - application of medical smart socket box
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  1 Introduction

  With the continuous development of medical technology, more and more electrical equipment is being applied to medical facilities, which is accompanied by more and more medical electrical safety issues. In order to ensure the safety of power supply in medical places, the national standard has clearly stipulated that the medical isolation power supply system should be used for power supply in important medical class 2 places, and insulation monitoring devices should be installed; in medical class 0 or class 1, TN-S power distribution is adopted. The system is equipped with a residual current monitoring device to monitor the leakage of each branch in real time.

  2. Traditional power distribution scheme

  For Class 0 or most Class 1 medical facilities, because there is no medical electrical equipment used, or the medical electrical equipment used is only in contact with non-fatal parts of the human body, the power distribution of these places can be distributed by TN-S system, accompanied by Ordinary leakage protection equipment of no more than 30mA can be used. For some types of places such as delivery rooms, hemodialysis centers, rescue rooms, etc., the leakage requirements are usually higher than ordinary medical sites. In the current power distribution design, the residual current monitoring device with no more than 10 mA leakage alarm is used. To monitor the leakage current of each branch. The current design is shown in Figure 1 (taking a hemodialysis center as an example):

  Figure 1 Schematic diagram of a hemodialysis center distribution system

  The program can improve the monitoring accuracy of leakage current of each branch socket box, reduce the alarm threshold of maximum leakage, and can better protect the personal safety of patients and medical personnel. The actual socket box used is shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2 ordinary wall socket box

  However, in practical applications, there are still many shortcomings in the above schemes: First, the residual current monitoring device is usually installed in an outdoor distribution box. Once a socket box is in use, a site accident may not be detected in the first time. When the alarm information is used, if the load continues to be used, it is likely to cause an electric shock accident. In addition, after the electric leakage accident is discovered, it is inconvenient to repair due to the inability to locate the specific socket where the fault is located. Finally, if the outlet of a certain branch is If the box is tripped and powered off, there is no corresponding power-off detection means, which may cause the medical equipment to be unable to be used normally. In severe cases, it may cause certain medical accidents.

  3, Ankerui medical smart socket box

  The Ankerui AMIS series medical smart socket box has been improved and upgraded on the basis of the traditional wall socket box. The monitoring module has been added to monitor the leakage current of the main circuit of the socket box and each branch in real time, and leakage or power failure occurs. When the fault occurs, an audible and visual alarm is issued, prompting the relevant personnel to timely repair the fault and resume normal power supply. The product can be used in hospital operating rooms, delivery rooms, hemodialysis centers, rescue rooms, and other places where high leakage requirements are required. The system schematic and outline drawings of the product are shown in Figures 3 and 4, respectively.

  Figure 3 Schematic diagram of medical smart socket phase system

  Figure 4 Medical smart socket box product appearance

  3.1 Product features and technical parameters

  Ø Operation and fault indication function. After the power box is powered on, there is an operation indication. When there is a leakage or power failure, an audible and visual alarm can be issued. The audible alarm can be manually turned off, but the light indication must be eliminated before it can be extinguished.

  Ø Leakage current monitoring function. The leakage current of the main circuit and the three branch outlets can be monitored in real time, and when the leakage current exceeds the preset alarm value, an audible and visual alarm is issued.

  Ø Power failure detection function. When the outlet box is powered off, a corresponding sound and light alarm can be issued to remind the staff that the outlet box has been powered off.

  Ø Communication function. The socket box has a 1-way RS485 communication interface, which can be monitored by the host computer monitoring software network based on the Modbus-RTU protocol.

  Based on the above functional points, the technical parameters of the AMIS series medical intelligent socket box are shown in the following table:


  3.2 Medical Smart Socket Box Installation

  The AMIS medical smart socket box is divided into three parts according to the structure of the box, which mainly includes a front panel, a modified middle frame and a rear box. When the project site is renovated, the back box of the socket box is first embedded in the wall, and placed horizontally and the distance between the lower edge of the box should not be less than 300mm. The socket box inlet line can be accessed from the side or bottom of the rear box. When installing the main body of the socket box, fix the middle frame to the back box with the matching four screws, then install the attached battery (if any) into the holder in the back box and fasten it with screws. After inserting the side of the front panel with the side of the bayonet into the slot of the modified middle frame, and then connecting the line according to the wiring diagram, the installation is completed, as shown in Figure 5.

   Figure 5 Medical smart socket box installation icon

  3.2 Product Application Plan

  Due to the leakage and power-off detection functions of the AMIS series medical smart socket box, the current application scheme can be changed to the design scheme shown in Figure 6. If it is necessary to remotely monitor the monitoring status, each medical smart socket box can be networked in a hand-in-hand manner through a shielded twisted pair cable, and connected to the monitoring system of the upper computer.

  Figure 6 application system diagram

  4 summary

  Ankerui AMIS series medical intelligent socket box, the leakage and power failure monitoring function has achieved the end of power distribution, which is convenient for the design of the scheme, and also solves the difficulty of leakage fault detection and power failure alarm, and reliably guarantees the load. End-use electricity safety and continuity of power distribution, promote the construction of medical electrical safety, and let the majority of medical staff and patients feel the charm of technology

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