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Smart power online monitoring device
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  1 Overview

  The intelligent power online monitoring device is an intelligent power device designed for TT and TN systems below 0.4kV. It has comprehensive single and three-phase AC measurement, four-quadrant energy measurement, harmonic analysis, remote signal input, and remote signal output. And RS485 communication or GPRS wireless communication function, through the monitoring and management of fire risk parameters such as residual current and wire temperature of the distribution circuit.

  The product adopts advanced microcontroller technology, high integration, compact size, convenient installation, intelligent, digital and networked. It is an ideal choice for building monitoring and monitoring equipment, system insulation aging prediction and so on. At the same time, the original RS485 communication is upgraded to GPRS wireless communication mode, which greatly solves the situation of difficult field wiring and improves work efficiency. As an advanced intelligent and digital acquisition component, the intelligent device has been widely used in various control systems, SCADA systems and energy management systems.

  2 product model

  3 technical parameters

  4 installation and wiring

  4.1 Outline and installation dimensions (in mm)

  4.2 Installation method

  35mm rail mounting, can be fixed by fixing terminals.

  4.3 wiring instructions

  5 indicator definition and button operation

  5.1 Measurement items and silkscreen instructions

  The residual current and temperature can be monitored simultaneously, and an alarm command can be made based on the residual current and temperature. And when the input signal reaches the alarm setting, an audible and visual alarm is issued.

  5.2 indicator definition

  ● Operation indicator (green): When the meter is in normal operation, the indicator light flashes, and the blinking frequency is about one second.

  ● Silence indicator (green): When the meter is in the silence state, the indicator light is on;

  ●Alarm indicator (yellow): When the meter is in the alarm state, the indicator light is on;

  ● Fault indicator (yellow): When the meter is in fault, the fault indicator is always on (the fault is an external line fault, not the fault of the meter itself);

  ● Status indicator (green): Long light (connected to the server), flashing (not connected to the server);

  ●Communication indicator (green): flashing (the internal communication of the instrument is normal), slow flashing (the internal communication of the instrument is abnormal);

  ●Signal indicator (red): Long light (strong wireless signal, RSSI value greater than 15) flashes (wireless signal is weak, RSSI value is less than 15);

  ● Network indicator (red): Blinking (GPRS module works normally).

  5.3 button operation

  The instrument can be used to set the address and parameters by pressing the button, or perform the mute, self-test and reset operation on the instrument through the buttons.

  6 instrument common fault analysis

  ● If the meter running indicator is not lit, please check if the power is connected.

  ● If the meter status indicator is flashing, please check if the meter is configured or the SIM is plugged in;

  ●If the instrument communication indicator flashes slowly, send it directly for repair;

  ● If the instrument network indicator light is on or off, the instrument GPRS module has a problem and is sent directly for repair.

  7 installation requirements

  ● This instrument should be installed in a place with good wireless signal on site;

  ● A qualified installer must install the instrument and read the instructions carefully before installation;

  ●When wiring, follow the wiring method in the instruction manual. After the wiring is completed, carefully check whether the wiring is correct, so as to avoid damage to the detector and cause dangerous accidents after power-on;

  ●When installing or removing the instrument, please confirm that the working power supply, the busbar to be tested and the relevant part of the power supply have been cut off to avoid electric shock, causing danger and personal injury;

  ● Wiring and wiring should be in accordance with relevant specifications, so as to avoid short-circuit, open circuit and other accidents, and also facilitate future maintenance and overhaul;

  ● The normal operation of the instrument depends on the correct installation, setup and operation. Please read the installation, setup and operation details before installation to ensure the normal operation of the instrument.

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