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Acrel-5000 Building Energy Analysis Management System
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  1 Overview

  The smart grid is a hot spot for the development of new technologies and new industries at home and abroad. According to the smart grid research framework system, the smart grid construction mainly captures six links of power generation, transmission, substation, power distribution, power consumption and dispatch. The “power distribution” link is the customer side of the power grid, including building buildings, industrial and mining enterprises, and infrastructure. The user end consumes 80% of the power of the entire power grid. The intelligent power management of the user terminal is of great significance to the user's reliability, safety and power saving. Build a smart electricity service system, comprehensively promote equipment such as smart meters and intelligent power management terminals, and realize two-way benign interaction between power grid and users. The research content that the user needs to solve urgently includes: advanced meter, intelligent building, intelligent electrical appliances, value-added services, customer power management system, and demand side management.

  The Acrel-3000 Power Management System and the Acrel-5000 Energy Management and Energy Analysis System are user-side energy management analysis systems developed for the above topics. The Acrel-5000 energy management and energy analysis system adds centralized collection and analysis of water, gas, coal, oil, heat (cold) and other energy to the Acrel-3000 power management system. Segmentation and statistics, with visual data and charts to show the consumption of various types of energy to managers or decision-making levels, to find out high-energy-consuming points or unreasonable energy-consuming habits, effectively save energy, and further energy-saving renovation for users Or device upgrades provide accurate data support.

  2 reference standard

  ● DL/T 698 "Power Information Collection and Management System"

  ●GB/T2887-2011 "Technical Conditions for Computing Station Sites"

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  ● "Technical Guidelines for Data Collection of Energy Consumption of Office Buildings and Large Public Buildings in State Organs" Ministry of Housing and Construction 2008 [114]

  ●DGJ08-2068-2012 "Technical Specifications for Engineering Monitoring System for Public Buildings"

  3 system network structure

  The system designs the networking mode according to the specific engineering conditions, and adopts a layered distributed design.

  According to the size of the project, you can flexibly choose the communication medium and networking mode.

  When the system equipment is relatively concentrated, the communication medium can be shielded twisted pair and five types of eight-core shielded cable;

  When the system equipment is relatively dispersed, the optical fiber can be used as the communication medium, and the networking mode can adopt the optical fiber ring network or the optical fiber star Ethernet network. In the case where the number of communication modules is relatively small and the real-time requirements are not high, wireless communication can also be adopted. The equipment is networked to complete the power collection of the very distributed power management system.

  4 Acrel-5000 Energy Management and Energy Analysis Software

  Energy management and energy analysis software through real-time collection, dynamic monitoring, energy consumption analysis, cost accounting, performance appraisal and report release for various energy sources (electricity, water, natural gas, steam, compressed air, industrial nitrogen, oil, coal, etc.) Such functions enable the refinement of energy management in enterprises and promote energy conservation and consumption reduction.

  The summary shows the energy consumption in the current month and the current year, and compares with the energy used in the same period of the previous year to grasp the trend of energy use. Real-time dynamic monitoring of the current power consumption of the enterprise. By setting the planned value of daily energy use, the quota management of energy use can be realized, and compared with the actual energy use, an early warning of the sudden increase in energy use can be made. The various types of energy can be converted into standard coal, and the energy consumption of enterprises can be mastered.


  By using the energy trend graph, quickly locate the energy load peak, and locate the peak energy consumption composition step by step, find the basis for shifting peaks and valleys.


  The system provides two access modes: C/S and B/S. The C/S access mode client has a fast response speed, which fully utilizes the processing power of the client PC and reduces the pressure on the server. The C/S access mode does not require a client to be installed. Any place can access the server as long as there is a computer with Internet access, enabling true cross-network and cross-platform access.

  The system can flexibly configure basic information such as energy type, energy structure, energy-using equipment, energy-using area, and monitoring parameters according to the actual energy consumption of the enterprise. The increase in energy-using circuits and energy-using equipment that occurs after the system is online is only Need to be configured. The system can access the energy usage of single or multiple enterprises for centralized management.


  The system marks the GPS coordinates of the enterprises belonging to the same group and the same area on the electronic map. The mouse stops at the coordinates to display the energy consumption profile of the enterprise. Double-click the icon to display the details of the enterprise energy use, which is convenient for the group company to subordinates. Branches and stores carry out centralized management and control.


  Through the data interface with the power management system, the data in the power management can be introduced into the energy consumption system for analysis, including three-phase current, three-phase voltage, power, power factor, harmonics and the like.

  Connect various types of energy monitoring data (water, electricity, gas) into a set of energy consumption monitoring systems, change the situation of original multi-head management, clearly grasp the composition of energy consumption of enterprises, and avoid lowering certain categories during energy conversion. Energy consumption also increases the expenditure of other types of energy consumption.


  The enterprise can be divided into the peak, the peak, the flat and the valley (the time period can be flexibly set, the time period can be expanded), and the unreasonable point of the enterprise can be found in the time period, and can also be used as the enterprise energy multi-rate rate. Basis for calculation. At the same time, the system can count the energy consumption during any time period, and carry out daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly summary.

   Judging the energy consumption of an enterprise should not only look at the total amount, but also comprehensively compare the energy consumption data with other parameters such as building area, number of employees, shopping mall traffic, output, sales, and environmental temperature. The system can be used according to needs. Establish different energy analysis models to judge the energy consumption of a company more scientifically and accurately.

  Production scheduling for industrial production enterprises, flexible setting of production time period for each team, automatic import or manual input of team output, energy consumption system to calculate the total energy consumption and unit consumption of each team, horizontal comparison of team energy consumption, Conducive to the establishment of performance appraisal programs.

  5 meter selection

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