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Acrel-3000 Series Power Management System
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  1 Overview

  With the rapid development of the economy, energy shortages and environmental degradation have been closely watched by the world. Energy is an important foundation for the development of the national economy. In order to respond to the call of the country and take the road of sustainable development, energy conservation and consumption reduction are the primary tasks. Among them, the consumption of electric energy in all energy sources is relatively large, and the unified management of electric energy is particularly important. Only accurate and reliable measurement of electrical energy can save energy in a true sense.

  Acrel-3000 series power management system is a set of products with strong professionalism, high automation, easy to use, high performance and high reliability, which is closely developed by our company to closely meet the needs of power system users and follow the standard specifications of power systems. A power management system for low voltage distribution systems. Through telemetry and remote control, the load can be properly adjusted to achieve optimal operation, save energy, and have peak and low-level electricity records, thus providing a data basis for rational management of power consumption.

  2 reference standard

  GB50052-2009 Power Supply and Distribution System Design Specification

  GB50054-2011 Low Voltage Power Distribution Design Specification

  IEC 61587 electronic equipment mechanical structure series

  (Refer to the "Technical Specifications for Intelligent Substation Intelligent Control Cabinets" issued by State Grid Corporation in 2009)

  DL/T448-2000 "Technical Management Regulations for Electric Energy Metering Devices"

  DL/T 698 Power Information Collection and Management System

  DL/T 698.1-2009 Part 1: General

  DL/T 698.2-2010 Part 2: Technical specifications for the main station

  DL/T 698.31-2010 Part 3.1: Technical specification for power information collection terminals - General requirements

  DL/T 698.35-2010 Part 3-5: Technical specification for power information collection terminal - Particular requirements for low-voltage centralized meter reading terminal

  DL/T 698.41-2010 Section 4-1: Communication protocol - Communication between the primary station and the energy information collection terminal

  DL/T 698.42-2010 Part 4-2: Communication protocol - Concentrator downlink communication protocol

  DL/T/814-2002 Distribution Automation System Functional Specification

  GB/T/3047.1 Basic size series of panels, shelves and cabinets

  DL/T5137-2001 "Technical Regulations for Design of Electrical Measurement and Energy Metering Devices"

  GB2887 computing station site technical conditions

  3 structure diagram

  4 system design parameters

遥测正确率: ≥99.9%
模拟量测量综合误差: <0.5%
遥测更新周期:  <2S
一般遥测更新周期:   <3S
调用画面响应时间: <2S
事故推画面时间:  <2S
网络速率:    10M/100M
工作环境温度范围: -20℃~+55℃
相对温度: ≤95%(25℃)
历史曲线日报,月报储存时间 ≥1年
系统使用寿命:   ≥5年
系统平均无故障时间MTBF: ≥30000小时

  5 system function

  1 Human-computer interaction interface

  Design an interactive interface suitable for customer requirements; standard graphic library, convenient call combination; real-time data acquisition and display; automatic logic calculation and processing of data information; remote parameter setting of device parameters; The interface is shown in Figure 4.5.1, 4.5.2

Figure 4.5.1 Schematic diagram of the power distribution system

  Figure 4.5.2 System Networking and Communication Schematic

  2 Curve and report management settings

  The trend curve of the electric parameters required by the customer; the historical trend of the electricity consumption; designing various reports that meet the customer's needs; automatically generating the daily, monthly, and annual reports of the electric energy measurement; setting the template according to the commonly used MS Excel and generating the corresponding report. Make it easy for users to use; query reports, display and print at any time. The interface is shown in Figure 4.5.3, 4.5.4, 4.5.5, 4.5.6

Figure 4.5.3 Harmonic data and bar graph analysis

Figure 4.5.4 Power Consumption Report and Pie Chart Analysis

Figure 4.5.5 Electricity consumption report and bar graph analysis of each loop

  Figure 4.5.6 Analysis of power trend curve

  3 background database management

  Application of a wide range of database software such as MSSQL, SQL Server, etc.; establish an open, networked database; store a specified number of years or all data information; support C / S, B / S mode remote access, to achieve data remote transmission.

  4 multi-level user management

  The password is logged in to the background to ensure the security of the settings; the high privilege is for low privilege management, the grading operation, and each privilege has the function of changing the password.

  5 Communication Management Settings

  Each serial port of the data collector is independently configured and convenient to operate; the communication protocol and communication baud rate of different devices are independently selected; the system automatically performs unified remote configuration of each device connected to the corresponding port of the data collector according to the selection result.

  6 network function

  The dual-system hot backup function supports redundancy of dual-machine, dual-network, and dual-device, and adopts the form of hot backup to ensure stable and reliable operation of the system, and the configuration is simple and convenient. Any machine on the network can be designated as an I/O server (ie, a front-end machine), and other machines on the network can easily obtain data from the machine.

  6 Power Management Product Selection

  7 typical solution

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