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ADF300 series multi-user metering box
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  1 Overview

  The ADF300 series multi-user metering box is an electronic intelligent multi-user energy meter. It is designed with one household and one metering scheme. It has high measurement accuracy, no interference between households and households, centralized installation and centralized management. It can measure the mixed electricity status of 12 households, 36 single-phase and single/three-phase circuits at the same time, and is widely used in enterprises, residential quarters, student apartments, renovation of old buildings, and power management of high-rise buildings.

  2 Model Description

  3 Technical indicators

  The technical indicators of the ADF300 multi-user metering box are shown in Table X.1.

  4 Product Features

  The function of ADF300 multi-user metering box product is shown in Table X.2.

  5 product size

  ■ ADF300-Isize

■ ADF300-Ⅱsize

  ■ ADF300-III size

  6 Typical application plan

  7 Ordering example

  Example E.g.1: Model: ADF300-III-5S12DY

  Description: 5-channel three-phase + 12-channel single-phase (prepaid type)

  Example E.g.2: Model: ADF300-III-4S15DY

  Description: 4-way three-phase + 15-channel single-phase (prepaid type)

  Note: The single-phase loop must be a multiple of 3 when ordering.

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