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Centralized recharge terminal
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  1 Overview

  The ACRT centralized recharge terminal is mainly used in pre-paid electricity mode in residential areas, commercial plazas, schools, apartments, etc., where the electric meters are installed centrally and the users do not directly contact the electric meters. The ACRT centralized recharge terminal is installed outside the strong electric well, and establishes RS485 bus communication with the prepaid electric energy meter installed inside the strong electric well. The user can complete the electric energy by brushing the radio frequency card on the ACRT recharge terminal outside the strong electric well. Recharge and information inquiry, no need for management personnel to participate, providing convenience for users and management.

  2, model description

  3, product features

  Note: “■” is a standard function; “□” is an optional function;

  4, technical parameters

  5, the terminal block

  6, the purchase of electricity and system components

  The prepaid recharge system consists of background prepaid recharge management software, RF radio frequency card, ACRT centralized recharge terminal and prepaid electric energy meter. The user to the background management center writes the recharged amount data into the RF card through the prepaid management software, and then places the RF card in the ACRT centralized recharge terminal swipe area to complete the refill operation.

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