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Prepaid energy meter
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  1 Overview

  The electronic prepaid energy metering device adopts a rail-type installation structure, which is mainly used for measuring single-phase and three-phase AC active energy with rated frequency of 50Hz, and has functions such as prepayment, load control and RS485 communication, and the performance index conforms to GB/T18460.3. -2001 standard. It is an ideal electric energy meter for reforming the traditional electricity consumption system and improving the level of electricity consumption management.

  2, product specifications

  3, product features

  Note: “■” is a standard function; “□” is an optional function.

  4, technical parameters

  5, the terminal block

  ●DDSY1352 single-phase prepaid energy meter

  ●DDSY1352-NK single-phase internal control prepaid energy meter

  Note: 7, 8 are the clock and active pulse multiplexing terminals, the default is the active pulse output.

  ●DTSY1352 three-phase prepaid energy meter

  ●DTSY1352-NK three-phase internal control prepaid energy metering device

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