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Embedded installation electric energy metering device
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  1 Overview

  The embedded installation energy metering device is a smart meter designed for power system, industrial and mining enterprises, utility energy statistics and management requirements. It integrates all power parameter measurement and comprehensive energy metering and assessment management, providing 24 hours. Statistics on various types of electrical energy on the 31st and the last December. With digital input and relay output, it can realize "remote signal" and "remote control" functions, and has alarm output. With RS485 communication interface, using MODBUS-RTU protocol, it can be widely used in various control systems, SCADA systems and energy management systems.

  2, product specifications

  Note 1: “■” is the standard function; “□” is the optional function;

  2: Complex rate energy: 2 sets of time, 4 rates, 12 days, energy data historical statistics function, maximum demand and time, switch quantity, support alarm output.

  3, technical parameters

  4, shape and opening size (unit: mm)

  ●AEM96 embedded power installation electric energy meter

Main view                                                   Left view                                               Hole Size

  ●AEM42 embedded power installation electric energy meter

Main view                                                        Left view                                         Hole Size

  3.5 terminal block

  ●Voltage and current signal terminals


                                                       Three-phase four-wire (3PT, 3CT)                    three-phase three-wire (2PT, 2CT)

  ● Switching input/output terminal

                                     Switching output                             96 type switching input type                  42 switching quantity input

  ● Power terminal, neutral current signal terminal, RS485 communication terminal, pulse output terminal

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