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Multi-user energy metering device
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  1 Overview

  The multi-user energy metering device is mainly used for measuring single-phase AC active energy, and can be widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, urban and rural residential quarters, student apartments, rural nets, old building renovation, high-rise building electricity metering, suitable for electricity charging difficulties. Units and users with strong mobility (such as commercial houses, etc.). The table can conveniently realize remote collection and pre-payment functions, which can effectively prevent various leakage and electricity disputes, and bring convenience to power management.

  Multi-user energy meter performance indicators meet the relevant technical requirements of Class 1 and Class 2 electronic energy meters in GB/T 17215. 321-2008.

  2, product features

  Note “■” is a standard function; “□” is an optional function.

  3, technical parameters

  ●ADM100 dormitory power management terminal energy meter

  4, the terminal block

  ● ADF100 multi-user energy metering device

  ●ADM100 dormitory power management terminal energy meter

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