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AEW100 wireless metering module - expert in metrology transformation
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  Ankerui has rich experience and product solutions in the field of user-side power distribution. According to the characteristics of the user station transformation project, the wireless measurement module AEW100 series is launched, which can be constructed without power failure, free of wiring, convenient and reliable.

  First, AEW100 wireless metering module

  1. Composition: open sensor, metering module

  1.1 open sensor:

  Open mounting


  Measuring range: less than 400A

  1.2 Measurement module:

  Cooperate with open sensor

  470MHz wireless transmission (lora)

  Independent metering chip

  Accuracy level: level 1

  At the same time support RS485, infrared communication standard rail installation, open sensor with corresponding buckle, can be installed on the sensor or can be independently installed on the guide rail

  2, the main features:

  2.1, full power parameter measurement

  2.2, forward and reverse active and reactive power measurement

  2.3, 2-31 harmonic measurement

  2.4, historical data storage

  2.5, loss of pressure detection

  2.6, MODBUS-RTU or DL/T645

  2.7, support RS485 and infrared communication

  2.8, wireless communication (lora technology), open area can support 1km communication

  3, system solution

  The operation and maintenance system uploads data from the power distribution room of the user directly to the operation and maintenance center server (cloud) through the public network. The rest of the application presentations are based on the underlying data. In the power distribution room at the user end, the metering module and the collection terminal are composed.

  Using the AEW100 on the overall system structure does not require a large change in the system. Simply configure the AEW110 communication module on the downstream serial port of the original gateway or communication manager to establish communication with the AEW100.

  Second, AEW110 wireless communication module

  The AEW110 wireless communication module is used to implement the networking of the AEW100.

  The communication data can be converted in small wireless and RS485, that is, it can be sent immediately, and the 485 and wireless parameters can be set independently.

  It can be used with devices such as on-site communication management machines or gateways.

  Third, technical comparison

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