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What are the components of the intelligent lighting control system?
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  The intelligent lighting control system itself is also composed of various network topologies, and they are divided into two mixed styles in the actual composition process, one is the combination style of the bus, and the other is the new type of structure combination. Style, in general, the intelligent lighting control system of the bus will have greater flexibility in the actual use process, it is very convenient to expand, and there is independence in control, and their cost is relatively low, mixed style It is also very high, and it has high reliability. Every fault can completely eliminate the diagnosis. Even in the process of actually accessing, it is very simple and the transmission efficiency is relatively high.


  Therefore, in the process of actual setting of the intelligent lighting control system, there is also an independent design system, and it can be effectively distributed by various styles, and even the dimming of each unit is relatively independent and self-contained. They do not interfere with each other. Specifically, in the process of actual control, they are all composed of various components, and there are other subsystems, but there will be various controls in the subsystem. Templates, all of which are fully used according to different detectors and other components. The main system and subsystems are linked by means of information interfaces and other components to realize data transmission. The main system is mainly for the control and signal of each area. To purchase, this system controls the specific areas of different regions.

  In the process of actual setting of the intelligent lighting control system, the clock will be controlled and controlled in time, and the lighting system of each area will be controlled by the clock manager and electronic components. Comprehensive settings, and in the process of the entire lighting adjustment, the lighting settings of each dimming module or other places should be related, and the degree of lighting inside each area should be fully controlled. Sunshine and other external factors change gradually and remain at a predetermined range.


    In today's lighting system, the adjustment of each module or the components of each dynamic detector is different during the actual adjustment process, and the lighting system of each area is fully controlled, and they will not follow The gradual changes in these external factors can also be maintained in a range of values.

  However, the control of these regional scenes also has a variety of different modules and control panel options, so that the brightness of the entire luminaire can be fully switched with different scenes, and at the same time, the variability of the luminaire can be realized. In the process of actual detection, there will be different detection modes, and they will have various switch controls, which can be adjusted according to the actual state or the orientation control through the relevant modules. The relevant amount is deducted from each area during the time, thus giving up the control of dimming.

  The control of emergency lighting is mainly for the control of emergency lighting in special areas. Under normal conditions, all the lights are automatically de-tuned in all emergency situations, which can realize the dimming of lamps in various areas and let them lighting. Can reach 100%.


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