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What is an intelligent lighting control system?
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  In today's social environment, intelligent lighting control system is also a very important control system for many people. In fact, they need to use more advanced electromagnetic tuning to carry out comprehensive use. Induction, and, most importantly, comprehensive monitoring and tracking of all power supply systems. Generally speaking, basically, in the actual use process, there will be an automatic smooth use mode, they can be based on the magnitude of voltage and current. Effective adjustments are made to improve the imbalance in the entire lighting circuit, and also to improve the additional functional consumption, which can improve the efficiency of the entire function in a short time, thereby reducing the operating temperature of the line in a short time. An optimized power supply.


  From today's situation, the intelligent lighting control system gives the entire luminaire an optimal lighting power while ensuring that all luminaires are working properly. And most importantly, their lighting system can completely reduce the lighting glare caused by over-pressure, the light from the light will be softer, even they are more uniform throughout the distribution of the lighting, but also large In order to save all the lights, the control system of the entire intelligent lighting system can reach a power saving rate of about 40%, and their control systems have different lighting circuits and mixed use, and the adaptability is relatively strong. In a variety of harsh environments, or complex environments, continuous smooth operation, also effectively extend the life of the entire luminaire, reduce cost maintenance, while at the same time, some lighting control systems for different occasions , divided into a variety of different types.

  From the current situation, the intelligent lighting control system has a relatively large working principle. Basically, the voltages in different places are uneven, and in the process of actual design, all kinds of lamps can meet their own conditions and start normally. It is also illuminating, but in the process of voltage design, it is generally lower than the standard voltage, and their power system can also facilitate the transmission of these electric energy, causing the voltage of the entire luminaire to work too high.


  At present, these rated voltages can basically make the whole luminaire work more efficiently, and there may be some other negative effects. In fact, the intelligent lighting control system can completely solve these problems in the actual work process. The biggest feature of the intelligent lighting control system is that it can extend the service life of the lamps. At the same time, it can effectively guarantee the lighting standards. Moreover, they can carry out a series of processing according to different working principles, so the original The power consumption of the voltage is still relatively small. After the voltage is properly reduced, the power consumed at this time will also decrease. Moreover, they can effectively save power, and even avoid applying voltage to the lamp, and appropriately lowering the voltage. Their power and voltage consumption are in a stable relationship, and the intelligent lighting control system is entering the state of online detection. At the same time, according to a large number of experimental results, their online system can reasonably reduce the power consumption of the lamps, thereby saving cost.


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