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How to confirm whether there is an error in the electrical fire monitoring parameters?
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  Do you know how to confirm whether your electrical fire monitoring parameters are wrong? If you don't know, you may not know the parameter error in the event of electrical fault monitoring. The electrical fire monitoring can not prompt the fire. . Here's how to confirm if the parameters of the electrical fire monitoring are wrong:


  1, residual current monitoring parameters

  (1) The system within the electrical fire monitoring has been designed to display an estimate of the value set by the leakage current in the monitored node, and then the electrical fire monitoring will be slowly displayed according to the monitor. The actual leakage current parameters are adjusted to adjust the most suitable parameters.

  (2) The set value of the leakage current of the general monitoring node is not less than four times the sum of the leakage power of the monitoring line and the electrical equipment.

  In daily use, you can perform a test on the monitoring node with a dedicated instrument to see if it matches the electrical fire monitoring display.


  2. Monitor the time parameter of the node leakage action output signal.

  (1) When the protection of the tail end is in the momentary action type, it is not necessary to set the parameter time. Generally, the protection of the transient type is not less than 0.5 second for the protection delay of the upper and lower stages. If you can, you can finally check it once a month in daily use to confirm that there is no less than 0.5 seconds.

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