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Basic knowledge of using electrical fire monitoring
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  1. When electrical fire monitoring is used with a residual current type fire alarm device, the fire alarm device can be directly connected to electrical fire monitoring and each type of residual current type fire by switching or communication. The alarm device can be used not only with electrical fire monitoring, but also as a fire alarm.

  2. Electrical fire monitoring can measure three-phase voltage, current, temperature and frequency current parameters with high precision. Make sure each parameter is consistent with the one you set. If there is any inconsistency, an alert will be issued immediately.



  3. Electrical fire monitoring will record each action in its own or current and line failures, and then facilitate the customer to view these failures.

  4. Electrical fire monitoring can be used in conjunction with other accessories to enhance electrical fire monitoring. For example, adding a network interface allows dedicated network control and management of electrical fire monitoring.


  5. If electrical fire monitoring is used alone, electrical fire monitoring can monitor and protect the line through built-in modules. When using alerts with other devices, it's a good idea to alert you and others faster.

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