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ARU surge protector
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  1 Product Overview

  Surge protectors, also called lightning arresters and lightning arresters, are electronic devices that provide safety protection for various electronic devices, instrumentation, communication lines, and low-voltage electrical circuits. Applicable to AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage 380V power supply system or photovoltaic system, protects against indirect lightning and direct lightning effects or other transient overvoltage surges, meeting the requirements of surge protection in residential, tertiary and industrial fields , with relative phase, relative, relative midline, midline to ground and their combination and other protection modes.

  2 Executive standards

  (Class I) Execution Standard: GB/T 18802.1-2011 (IEC61643-1:2005, MOD), Class I test

  (Class II) Execution Standard: GB/T 18802.1-2011 (IEC61643-1:2005, MOD), Class II test

  (Special for photovoltaics) Execution standard: EN 50539-11:2012, Class II test

  3 Product Features

  Large protection flow, reaching 0 residual pressure, fast response time

  Use the latest arc extinguishing technology to completely avoid fire hazards

  With status indication indicating the working status of the surge protector

  Rigorous structure, stable and reliable work

  4 model nomenclature

  5 normal working conditions

  Used at nominal voltage

  Installed below 2000m above sea level

  Operating ambient temperature: -40 ° C ~ +80 ° C

  6 Technical parameters and appearance

  ARU1-15 SPD technical parameters:

  ARU2-120 SPD technical parameters:

  ARU2-100 SPD technical parameters:

  ARU2-40 SPD technical parameters:

  ARU2-60 型 SPD 技术参数:

  ARU2-40 SPD technical parameters:

  ARU2-25 SPD technical parameters:

  ARU2-25 SPD technical parameters:

  7 Product appearance

   8 wiring method

  8.1 Single-phase power supply (before RCD) TN, IT (with N-line) system 1+1 (N-PE) module connection

  8.2 Single-phase power supply TN-S, TN-C-S (after RCD) TT, IT (with N-line) system 2 Module wiring method

  8.3 Three-phase power supply TN-C, IT (with N-line) system 3 Module wiring method

  8.4 Three-phase power supply (before RCD) TT, IT (with N-line) system 3+1 (N-PE) module wiring

  8.5 Three-phase power supply TN-S, TN-C-S (after RCD) TT, IT (with N line) system 4 Module wiring method

  9 Installation and maintenance

  It is recommended to use DIN rail mounting to secure the surge protector to the rail;

  The surge protector shall be installed in parallel on the front end power supply line of the protected equipment and must be powered off;

  In order to prevent non-lightning accidents, it is recommended to install a miniature circuit breaker or lightning protection fuse at the front end of the surge protector; the distance between the surge protector and the protected equipment should be no more than 5m;

  The length of the wire connecting the circuit breaker and the surge protector should be as short as possible. The phase/zero line should be no more than 1m, and the ground wire should be no more than 0.5m.

  Preferably, when the distance is greater than the length, the cross section of the wire should be proportionally increased, and the corner of the wire should have a curvature;

  The phase line and ground wire specifications of the surge protector should meet the requirements of the specification. The connection should be short and thick to ensure that the grounding resistance is less than 4Ω;

  Please check the lightning protection module for failure before the thunderstorm season. If it fails, please replace it in time.

  Appendix I

  Surge protector pre-stage protection and wiring list

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