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ANSVG-S-A hybrid dynamic harmonic elimination compensation device
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  1 Overview

  At present, according to the development of the industry and the needs of the market, the ANSVG-SA series hybrid dynamic harmonic elimination compensation device uses the latest technology, based on the characteristics of SVC economy and the strong type of APF filtering, combining the two technologies. Break through the traditional reactive power compensation technology, and achieve the best harmonic control and reactive power compensation effect while effectively reducing costs.

  ANSVG-S-A series hybrid dynamic harmonic elimination compensation device is mainly used to compensate reactive power, harmonic current and unbalanced current in the power grid, so as to achieve the goal of improving power efficiency, energy saving and improving power quality.

  2, product introduction

  2.1 Working principle

  ANSVG-SA series reactive power filter hybrid compensation device is connected in parallel in the whole power supply system. The signal is collected by the transformer, and the internal reactive power compensation module and active filter module are controlled according to the load power factor and harmonic content change in the power grid. The system performs reactive power compensation and active filtering. The principle is as follows: ANSVG low-voltage reactive power compensation device collects current and voltage signals through CT, calculates the best solution of reactive power compensation and active filtering through controller calculation, and performs effective power quality management on the system. As shown below:

  ANSVG-S-A reactive active hybrid compensation device schematic

  2.2 Implementation standards

  ● GB/T14549-1993 "Power Quality: Harmonics in the Utility Grid"

  ● GB/T15543-2008 "Power Quality: Three-Phase Voltage Unbalance"

  ● GB/T12325-2008 "Power Quality: Supply Voltage Deviation"

  ● GB/T12326-2008 "Power Quality: Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker"

  ● GB/T18481-2001 "Power Quality: Temporary Overvoltage and Transient Overvoltage"

  ● GB/T15945-2008 "Power Quality: Power System Frequency Deviation"

  ● GB7625.1-2012 "Electromagnetic compatibility limit harmonic current emission limit"

  ● GB/T15576-2008 "Low-voltage complete reactive power compensation device"

  2.3 Product Features

  ● Flexible control mode, advanced main circuit topology and control algorithm, fast response, high compensation accuracy and stable operation;

  ● One machine is versatile, it can compensate harmonics, and it can complement both reactive and cost-effective;

  ● Modular design;

  ● Adopt a reliable combination of capacitive reactors to prevent resonance and perfect self-protection.

  ● 7-inch large-screen color touch screen for parameter setting and control, easy to use, easy to operate and maintain;

  2.4 Product Model and Description

  2.5 Technical parameters

  Table 2-1 ANSVG-S-A reactive active hybrid compensation device

  3, product application

  3.1 Capacity selection

  In order to facilitate rapid selection, the industry is first classified, and the categories of each industry are as follows:

According to the transformer capacity and industry categories, the rapid selection is as follows:


  Remarks: The theoretical values in the table may deviate from the actual measured values.

  3.2 Example above

  4, typical case

  A business center in Shanghai belongs to a new project. The distribution system has a large number of harmonic sources, inverters, soft starters, air conditioners, etc., which endanger the stability of the power supply system; and the reactive power changes quickly and requires fast compensation. Harmonic control and reactive power compensation devices have been designed in the drawings to take into account the effects of harmonics. Our company calculates the reactive power and harmonic compensation capacity according to the power distribution system diagram. It is equipped with 4 ANSVG-SA products to quickly compensate the reactive power and harmonics, improve the stability of the system and eliminate the harmonics. Security risks.

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