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ANHF harmonic filter
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  1 Overview

  Ankerui uses the design principle of high-order filters to select high-performance filter capacitor series reactors, which are combined into a filter compensation system to compensate the reactive power and compensate the harmonic components in the system current. Combine dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering functions into one. It is usually used with industrial frequency converters to quickly follow load changes, suppress current fluctuations, absorb power grid harmonics and improve power utilization efficiency. It is also called “ Inverter companion."

  2. Implementation standards

  IEC289:1987 Reactor

  GB10229-88 Reactor (eqvIEC289:1987)

  JB9644-1999 Reactors used for semiconductor electrical driving

  GB/T 14549-1993 Utility grid harmonics

  3. Product model

  4. Technical specifications


  5. Product size selection

Voltage 380V~440V THDI=10%

Remarks: Other specifications can be made according to user requirements.
Voltage 380V~440V THDI=16%
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