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Acrel-2000 V8.0 photovoltaic power station power monitoring system
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  1 Overview

  The solar photovoltaic power station field equipment is mainly composed of photovoltaic cell array, combiner box, low voltage DC cabinet, inverter cabinet, AC low voltage cabinet, step-up transformer, etc., and the resulting high voltage AC is integrated into the grid. For the needs of power parameter detection in each link of photovoltaic power generation, Ankerui has launched AGF series photovoltaic bus collecting device, PZ series DC detecting instrument and ACR series power quality analyzer, which are respectively used in combiner box, DC cabinet and AC cabinet. And through the Acrel-2000 V8.0 photovoltaic power station power monitoring system to achieve centralized monitoring in the background.

  2, reference standard

  u CGC/GF002-2010 "Photovoltaic combiner box technical specification"

  u GB/T 2887-2011 "General Specification for Computer Sites"

  u GB 50797-2012 "Design Code for Photovoltaic Power Stations"

  u GB/T XXXX-201X "Technical Requirements for Photovoltaic Power Station Monitoring System" (reviewed for release)

  3, schematic

  4, system design parameters

  u Analog measurement comprehensive error ≤0.2

  u Grid frequency measurement error ≤0.01Hz

  u Telemetry information response time (from I/O input to telecontrol station exit) ≤3s

  u Remote signal change response time (from I/O input to telecontrol station exit) ≤ 2s

  u Screen real-time data update period (analog) ≤3s

  u Screen real-time data update period (switch quantity) ≤ 2s

  u Control operation accuracy rate 100

  u Telemetry pass rate ≥98

  u The correct action rate of the year of the accident at the time of the accident ≥99

  u System availability ≥99.8

  u System mean time between failures (MTBF) ≥ 20000h

  u (where I/O unit module MTBF≥50000h)

  u Average CPU load rate of each workstation:

  Normal time (within any 30min) ≤30

  When the power system fails (within 10s) ≤40

  u Automated system network average load rate:

  Normal (within 30 minutes) ≤20

  When the power system fails (within 10s) ≤40

  u GPS timing accuracy ≤ 1ms

  u Historical curve sampling interval 1-30min, adjustable

  u Historical curve daily report, monthly report storage time ≥ 1 year

  5, system function

  System operation main interface

  System monitoring provides function selection screens and real-time monitoring and display of PV array site environment, such as outdoor temperature value, wind speed, wind direction, light intensity, etc.; interface is shown in Figure 5.1.

  Figure 5.1

  System operation monitoring and control

  The monitoring system can monitor the charging voltage and current, battery voltage and temperature of each PV array in real time by sub-area, and display the abnormality and alarm for the fault point; the interface is shown in Figure 5.2.

  Figure 5.2

  Inverter power trend curve analysis

  The monitoring system can draw and display the inverter voltage-time curve, power-time curve, etc., DC side input current real-time curve, AC side inverter output current curve, and collect and display the daily power generation amount of each inverter; Figure 5.3

  Figure 5.3

  Historical data management

  The monitoring system can record various events on the photovoltaic power generation site, such as: communication acquisition abnormality, switch displacement, operation record, etc. The time record supports query by type, and can change the setting of the over-limit alarm value; the interface is shown in Figure 5.4.

  Figure 5.4

  Daily power generation trend analysis

  The system provides two curve analysis interfaces, real-time curve and historical trend, which can reflect the fluctuation of photovoltaic power generation and the sunshine intensity, ambient temperature and wind speed within 24 hours every day. The interface is shown in Figure 5.5.

Figure 5.5

  6. Product selection of photovoltaic power station power monitoring system

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