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APSM DC Power Monitoring System
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  1 Overview

  The DC power monitoring device is a small and medium-sized monitoring designed to meet the user's conventional DC screen system. It is mainly suitable for 20Ah~100AH single electric single charging system. Battery inspection and insulation detection are realized by expansion mode. Through the RS485 interface and the integrated monitoring module online, it can realize 24-cell battery inspection and 30-way branch insulation monitoring. The integrated monitoring module is characterized by a combination of integrated and integrated expansion units, simple wiring and convenient installation.

  2 Model Description


  3 Technical indicators

  ● Comprehensive monitoring module technical indicators

  ● Battery inspection unit technical parameters

  ● Insulation inspection unit technical parameters

  4 Shape and installation size (unit: mm)

  ● Integrated monitoring module shape and installation size

  ● Battery inspection unit shape and installation size

  ● Insulation inspection unit shape and installation size

  ● Display module shape and installation size

  5 terminal block

  ● Integrated monitoring module terminal block

  ● Battery inspection unit terminal block

  ● Insulation inspection unit

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