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APQM series power quality online monitoring device
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  1 Product Introduction

  1.1 Overview

  Power quality is used to characterize the quality of power quality, including voltage quality and frequency quality. Among them, the voltage quality is divided into two aspects of amplitude and waveform quality. The voltage amplitude is usually measured by voltage deviation, voltage fluctuation and flicker, negative sequence voltage coefficient (three-phase voltage imbalance), and voltage sine wave. The distortion rate is a measure of the quality of the waveform. Frequency quality is measured by frequency deviation. The voltage quality problem can be divided into two types: steady state and transient state: steady state disturbance includes voltage deviation, three-phase unbalance, flicker and harmonic problem; transient disturbance includes transient overvoltage, voltage dip, voltage swell And the power supply transient interruption problem. From the frequency of occurrence and the degree of damage to electrical equipment, modern power quality problems are mainly voltage dips, harmonics, voltage imbalance and flicker.

  APQM series power quality online monitoring device is a new generation of embedded power quality online monitoring products independently designed and developed by our company based on the research and summary of the characteristics and practical experience of domestic and international power quality monitoring devices, in strict accordance with the relevant technical standards promulgated by the state. It fully meets the requirements of the latest national standards for power quality measurement and processing.

  The APQM series power quality online monitoring device has reached China's Class A standard in all aspects of clock synchronization, event recording and various power quality technical indicators.

  1.2 Product naming:

  1.3 Technical characteristics

  ■ Embedded + DSP technology ensures high-performance processing and calculation while improving system reliability. The machine does not have any heat and vibration devices to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment.

  ■ Excellent sampling circuit and signal synchronization technology, all channels are completely synchronously sampled, and each channel runs independently and does not affect each other. The sampling speed is fast and the precision is high.

  ■ To ensure the reliability of data storage, use a large amount of storage space.

  ■ With 100M industrial Ethernet and RS485 communication function, support common communication protocol; generate PQDIF data format file locally and send it to FTP server for easy access to power quality monitoring network.

  ■ Flexibility to add and expand communication protocols, data types, and parameter settings according to user needs. The user can remotely monitor and set the power quality situation through the WEB browser. Greatly improved maintenance efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

  1.4 device function

  2 Main technical indicators

  2.1 Electrical characteristics

  2.2 Monitoring index accuracy

  Note: UN: nominal voltage range of measurement; IN: nominal current range of measuring instrument; Uh, Ih and Ph: harmonic measurement value, h indicates harmonic order; Uih and Iih: interharmonic measurement value, ih indicates The number of harmonics.

  2.3 Mechanical properties

  2.4 Environmental conditions

  3 Mechanical structure and electrical installation

  3.1 Mechanical structure

  The APQM series devices are embedded and can be installed centrally on the screen or cabinet of the control room or distributed on the switchgear.

  3.1.1 Embedded Mounting Hole Drawing

  3.1.2 device structure size chart

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