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AGF-IM photovoltaic DC insulation monitoring device
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  1 Overview

  AGF-IM photovoltaic DC insulation monitoring device can monitor and display DC bus and branch voltage and insulation resistance in real time, quickly find fault bus or branch when fault occurs, and issue early warning or alarm signal, with fault event recording function; A DC system with no more than 16 branches is monitored. The device has an RS485 interface for uploading measured and collected data.

  2 Model Description

  3 Product Features

  Measure the DC bus voltage, the DC bus positive pole to ground voltage, and the DC bus negative pole to ground voltage;

  Measuring the insulation resistance of the DC bus positive pole to ground, and the negative resistance of the DC busbar to ground;

  Measure the leakage current value of up to 16 branches and the insulation resistance to ground;

  4-way configurable relay fault output for users to use when needed;

  It is equipped with a branch leakage current sensor operating power supply ±12V output, no need to configure additional power supply;

  RS485 interface, ModBus RTU communication protocol, communication address, baud rate, data mode can be set freely;

  Optional display module, digital tube display data, wide operating temperature range.

  4 Technical parameters

  ● Wiring method

  ● Shape and installation size (mm)

  The cold-rolled steel casing is used, and the bottom plate is fixedly installed.

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