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AGF-D series photovoltaic DC cabinet acquisition device
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  1 Overview

  AGF-D photovoltaic DC cabinet acquisition device is mainly used in photovoltaic DC cabinets. It can measure the output current and voltage of the combiner box with external Hall sensors. At the same time, it can monitor the status of circuit breakers and lightning arresters in DC cabinets. The built-in temperature sensor in the meter can help measure the temperature inside the cabinet, and the forced output of the cabinet can realize the forced air cooling function in the cabinet with automatic temperature control. The device has an RS485 interface for uploading measured and acquired data and device status.

  2 model description

  3 product features

  ◆ Monitor the output current of multiple combiner boxes

  ◆ With switch input, it is used to collect DC empty circuit breaker, lightning arrester and other output empty contact status

  ◆ With relay output for blast cooling

  ◆ Digital tube display mode, suitable for wide temperature environment

  ◆ Support ModBus RTU communication protocol, communication address, baud rate and data mode can be set freely

  4 Technical parameters

  5 wiring method

  96 outline wiring diagram

  Note: The common end of 96 outline wiring M1 to M9 can only be used in COMa, and the common end of M10 to M16 can only be in COMb.

  The connection at the public end needs to be connected close to the side of the meter and connected to the COM port of the meter as short as possible.

  Note: The connection of the common terminal needs to be connected close to the instrument side and connected to the instrument terminals 27 and 28 as short as possible.

  6 shape and installation size (unit: mm)

  96 shape and installation size

  16 shape and installation size

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