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ARD series intelligent low voltage motor protector
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  1 Overview

  ARD series low voltage motor protector with protection functions such as overload, phase failure, unbalance, underload, ground/leakage, and stall. It can be combined with electrical components such as contactors and motor starters to form a motor control protection unit with remote automatic control, on-site direct control, panel indication, signal alarm, fieldbus communication and other functions. Can be widely used in the power distribution field of coal, petrochemical, smelting, electric power, construction and other industries.

  2 Product selection

  2.1 digital motor protector

  ● Model description

  ● rated current

  Table 1

  ● Rated current additional instructions                                                              
 表 2

  Note: >250kW low-voltage motor, 800A rated motor protector can be selected when the rated current is less than 800A.

  ● Starting method                        
 表 3


  1. Manual mode: The protector participates in the control. When the start mode is direct start (full pressure start) and the two-way start, the protector is set to manual mode.

  2. Two-step mode: When the protector participates in the control, when the starting mode is star/delta start (two relays) and autotransformer (two relays), the protector is set to two-step mode.

  ● Additional features                                                                                              
表 4


  Note: 1. “√” indicates an additional function that can be selected.

  2. Measurement range of temperature protection: thermal resistance 100Ω~30kΩ.

  ●Display mode                                                                    
 表 5


  Note: For customers without display requirements, a 90L display unit must be ordered in a batch of orders for debugging purposes.

  ● Product specifications


  1. “■” is the standard function and “□” is the optional function.

  2, optional loss of pressure lifting (anti-shake) function with voltage and fault record function.

  ● Technical indicators

  2.2 modular motor protector

  ● Model description

  ● Body switch type

  Table 6

  Measurement module

  Table 7

  Additional features

  Table 8

  ● Function configuration

  ● Technical indicators

  2.3 Product Introduction

  2.3.1 ARD2 (L) motor protector

  ● Shape and installation size (unit: mm)

  Main module


  ● Terminal block

  2.3.2 ARD2F, ARD3 motor protector

  Shape and installation size (unit: mm)

  Main module

  Display unit

  Anti-shake module

  AC380V power module


  Same as ARD2 (L) transformer part

  ● Terminal block

  2.3.3 ARD3T Motor Protector

  Shape and installation size (unit: mm)

  Main module:

  Measurement module:

  Current measurement module

  Current + voltage measurement module

  Temperature, analog, and switching modules:

  Communication module:

  Display module:

  External current transformer:

  Leakage current transformer:


  Main module

  Measurement module

  Analog module

  Temperature module

  Two-wire system

  Three-wire system

  Switch module

  Communication module

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