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ACM distribution line overload monitoring device
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  1 Overview

  The ACM distribution line overload monitoring device adopts the latest 32-bit single-chip technology and has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable operation, digitization, intelligence and network. By detecting the current of the line, a two-stage alarm for overloading the distribution circuit is realized. The monitoring device has RS485 remote communication interface, digital input/relay output, DC 4~20mA analog output, which is convenient to form a network system with PLC, PC and other control machines to realize remote monitoring of line operation. Applicable to the line where the sudden power failure is greater than the loss caused by the overload, and the overload protection should act on the signal and should not act on the circuit.

  2 Model Description

  Note: Please refer to Ankerui AKH-0.66 series current transformer for detailed selection of transformers.

  3 Technical indicators


  3.1 Dimensions and wiring (unit: mm)

  ACM2 simple type

  ACM3 integrated type

  ● ACM3 main body installation size (rail type installation):

  ● 90L display unit mounting size (embedded installation):

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