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Grid inverter
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  1. AMI-250 single-phase grid-connected photovoltaic micro-inverter

  1.1 Overview

  This series of products uses DSP control chip, one way DC input, after two-way interleaved parallel flyback boost, enter the inverter circuit, and then go through the filter and grid. MPPT control, boost and isolation are implemented in a two-way interleaved parallel flyback. The inverter circuit can convert DC into AC, and the filter can reduce ripple. This product uses power line carrier communication technology to achieve detection and data acquisition of each module.

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  2. AMI-C micro-inverse centralized management unit

  2.1 Overview

  The AMI-C Micro-Reverse Central Management Unit is a device for centralized energy control and management when using micro-inverters in rooftop solar and small-scale photovoltaic power plant systems. The data of each micro-inverter is collected by power line carrier communication, stored in the device, and provides network interface and RS485 interface. Users can use the configuration system to connect, or directly view the micro-inverter monitored by the device through the browser. Health.

  2.2 Model Description

  2.3 Technical indicators

  2.4 Product Quotation

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