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ARTM100 wireless temperature measurement system
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  1. Product Overview

  The ARTM100 electrical contact wireless temperature measurement system is suitable for temperature monitoring of high voltage switchgear contacts and contacts, knife gate switches, high voltage cable intermediate heads, dry transformers, low voltage and high current equipment. The device is designed with ultra-low power technology and consists of an embedded integrated touch screen, wireless temperature measurement transceiver and wireless temperature sensor. The wireless temperature sensor and host information exchange are transmitted by wireless signals, which will not affect the insulation performance of the system and be safer to use. The device has the characteristics of complete isolation, convenient installation, strong anti-interference ability and reliable operation, and solves the safety problem of contact temperature monitoring under high voltage state.

  2. Main technical indicators


  3. Product topology

  4. Product installation

  4.1 Touch screen installation method

  The touch screen used in the ARTM100 wireless temperature measurement system is embedded in the panel. The product dimensions and mounting opening dimensions are shown in Figure 1.1. Installation method is shown in Figure 1.2.

  4.2 Installation of Wireless Temperature Transceiver

  The wireless temperature measurement transceiver can be mounted by rail (DIN 35mm) or bolted, as shown in Figure 1.3.

  4.3 Installation of wireless temperature sensor

  Wireless temperature sensors are available in strap fastening and bolting. The strap type is suitable for the installation of the moving contact of the handcart type; the bolt type is suitable for the installation of the electrical lap joints fixed by the bolts at the busbar lap joint, the cable and the busbar lap joint, and the isolation knife lap joint.

  5. Touch screen back terminal diagram

  Under normal circumstances, COM2 is connected to the wireless temperature transceiver, and the serial port COM4 is connected to the background system.

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