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ARD-KHD-S01 sway protection device
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  1 Overview

  In most parts of China, due to lightning strikes, short-circuit fault reclosures, external or internal grid faults, large equipment startups, etc., the effective value of the supply voltage may drop rapidly to 90~10 of the rated value, and the duration is 10ms to 1min. This phenomenon is called “voltage drop”, also known as “shake electricity”. When the contactor drops during the voltage drop, the contact may pop open and cause the related interlocking equipment to act, causing the production line to stop, causing huge economic losses for the enterprise. As a special kind of fault, voltage drop is very harmful, especially for enterprises that run continuously.

  In view of the above situation, our company has successfully developed the ARD-KHD-S01 series sway protection device after years of experience. This product can effectively prevent the contactor from tripping due to the voltage drop during swaying, and let the contactor shake. Keep the suction and avoid the sway to keep the equipment running continuously. After years of operation and improvement, the products have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, electric power, environmental protection, and other fields, and have formed a large number of loyal customers who are stable and trustworthy, and are highly praised by users!

  2 technical characteristics and advantages

  1) The wiring method is simple and convenient, no need to change the line

  2) Normal start and stop will not delay, only the contactor will delay when swaying.

  3) Using super capacitor, used as backup power supply for module when voltage drop is faulty. Compared with other manufacturers' nickel-hydrogen battery and nickel-cadmium battery backup power supply scheme, it has short charging time, large discharge current, many cycles of charging and discharging, no memory. Advantages, simple charging control circuit, etc.;

  4) With hardware sway/power-off identification circuit for distinguishing between voltage drop fault and normal power-off.

  5) With the slamming record search function, the last 10 sag times can be recorded.

  6) With a set of auxiliary signal output, used to keep other signals that need to be kept on when shaking

  3 main functions of the instrument

  The rated input voltage of the meter is 220V AC. The anti-shake time can be set through the panel and the module status display can be performed to achieve the following functions:

  1) The user sets the delay time from 0s to 4s according to his own needs, and the time gradient is 0.1s.

  2) Make the AC contactor trip for a precise time according to the set time, effectively resist the “shake”, and the contactor will immediately break when the break button is pressed.

  3) You can query the last 10 sag records.

  4) The panel displays multiple lines of work data.

  5) Panel indication and buzzer reminder at fault.

  4 working parameters

  ·Working voltage: AC220V +15~-30

  ·Use ambient temperature: -20 ° C ~ +60 ° C

  · Delay time range: 0s ~ 4s

  ·Time adjustment level difference: 0.1s

  · Scope of application: ARD-KHD-S01A is suitable for AC contactors up to 11 (coil resistance ≥20Ω)

  ARD-KHD-S01B is suitable for AC contactors up to 630A (coil resistance ≥ 2Ω),

  ARD-KHD-S01A (capacity below 11) maximum starting current 4A, contactor maximum holding current 0.,

  The maximum starting current of the ARD-KHD-S01B (capacity below 630A) is 12A, and the maximum holding current of the contactor is 2A.

  Cannot be used on contactors with their own electronic modules.

  ·Function setting: Press and hold the “Settings” button to continuously adjust the anti-shake time of the instrument.

  5 wiring instructions

  Schematic diagram of the lightning protection device wiring

  Figure 4-1 Wiring diagram of ARD-KHD-S01A sway protection device

  Figure 4-2 ARD-KHD-S01B sway protection device wiring diagram

  The wiring of the instrument is as shown in the above figure. The wiring is basically the same as before the installation of the control module. The wiring is simple and there is no need to modify the original electrical circuit.

  L1 (FireWire) is connected to the No. 7 terminal of the meter from the start signal, and the neutral line N is connected to the No. 9 terminal. The coil of the contactor is connected to the terminals No. 11 and No. 12 of the meter.

  6 installation method and size

  1. Installation method: rail type installation


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