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ARD-KHD-S02 sway power restart controller
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  1 Overview

  In the production process of the enterprise, there is often a transient drop in the grid voltage due to lightning strikes, short-circuit fault reclosing or internal grid faults, and the duration is from 10ms to 3s. This phenomenon is called "voltage drop", also known as " Shaking electricity, swaying electricity will cause the related interlocking equipment to operate, causing the production line to stop, causing huge economic losses for the enterprise. In view of the above situation, our company has successfully developed the ARD-KHD-S02 series swaying electric restart controller after years of experience. The product can automatically start the motor that stops working due to the sloshing after the voltage returns to normal, and can output signals to meet the DCS or PLC interlocking requirements of the relevant process. The startup time can be set according to the actual situation, which occurs in the sloshing After that, the production can be operated in a timely and orderly manner, especially in some unattended places, the equipment can be started quickly and timely, the economic loss caused by the sloshing is reduced, and related accidents are avoided. The product has been operated for many years. Improvement has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, electric power, energy and other fields, and is well received by users. Agree!

  2 function description

  ARD-KHD-S02 The restart controller is used to control the circuit that needs to be restarted after the contactor is shaken. When the motor starts normally, if the grid voltage suddenly drops and returns to normal within 3s (P01 can be set) Voltage, the controller will delay the 0.5s (P02 can be set) to the AC contactor start signal after the voltage returns to normal, let the motor start automatically.

  3 working principle

  After detecting the analog signal of the voltage and the current contact signal, the internal circuit of the controller is analyzed and processed by the single-chip microcomputer. When the sloshing occurs and returns to normal, the start signal is issued. If the slamming time exceeds the set time, the start-up signal is not activated. It can be adjusted to avoid the voltage drop of the grid caused by the large number of devices starting at the same time. At the same time, the user can select the restart controller with auxiliary interlock signal output according to the requirements to meet the interlocking needs of the production process during shaking, so as to avoid interlocking. Jumping.

  4 functions

  ·Set the call start time and the power-on time according to the user's situation.

  · It can record the time, the number of times, and the duration of the sloshing, which is convenient for users to check.

  ·The normal start and stop function of the motor is not affected

  · Optional auxiliary signal output for process interlock

  · Can be used in soft start or variable frequency control loop

  5 model description

  ARD-KHD-S02 is used to control 220V or 380V control loop restart

  6 wiring diagram

  When using the user, please strictly follow the wiring diagram below.

  7 installation method and size

  1. Installation method: rail type installation

  2. Installation size: 72*96*126mm

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