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Rail type multi-function meter
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  1 Overview

  The rail type multi-function meter adopts DIN35mm rail-mounted structure and LCD display to measure electric energy and other electrical parameters. It can set parameters such as clock and rate period, and has power pulse output function. It can exchange data with the host computer through RS485 communication interface. .

  The electric energy meter has the advantages of small size, high precision, good reliability, convenient installation, etc. The performance indicators conform to the national standard GB/T 17215-2002, GB/T 17883-1999 and the power industry standard DL/T614-2007 for the electric energy meter. The technical requirements apply to the sub-item measurement of electric energy in government agencies and large-scale public construction, and can also be used for energy management assessment in enterprises and institutions.

  2 Applicable environment

  Normal working temperature: -10 °C ~ +45 °C

  Extreme working temperature: -20 ° C ~ +60 ° C

  Storage temperature: -40 ° C ~ +70 ° C

  Relative humidity: ≤95 (no condensation)

  Altitude: ≤2500m

  3 Product specifications, functions, technical parameters

  4 Product introduction

  4.1 DDS1352 measuring instrument

  4.1.1 Features

  ● Measurement

  Metering single-phase active total energy, reverse counting total energy

  ● Display

  6-bit wide temperature LCD display; active energy pulse LED indication

  ● Output

  Active energy pulse output, passive optically isolated output port

  4.1.2 Technical parameters

  4.1.3 Dimensions (mm)

  4.1.4 Terminal Blocks

  4.2 DDSD1352 measuring instrument

  4.2.1 Function (■ stands for: standard function; □ stands for: optional function)

  4.2.2 Technical parameters

  4.2.3 Dimensions (mm)

  4.2.4 Terminal Blocks

  4.3 DDSY1352 measuring instrument

  4.3.1 Features

  ● Metering bidirectional active energy (reverse counting into positive)

  ● Pre-paid function, realize the electricity after the first payment

  ● Pre-alarm and dedicated prepaid circuit breaker control signal output function

  ● Adopt contact logic encryption card to ensure safe storage of data such as electricity and electricity charges

  ● Active energy pulse output, optical isolation

  ● LCD liquid crystal display

  ● Multi-electrical parameter measurement

  ● RS485 communication, Modbus-RTU protocol (optional)

  ● The supporting IC card prepaid management system adopts advanced technologies such as large database, data fault tolerance and high-intensity dynamic encryption. It is easy to operate, with high security and reliability. Complete sales management function

  4.3.2 Technical parameters

  4.3.3 Dimensions (mm)

  4.3.4 Terminal Blocks

  4.4 DDSF1352 measuring instrument

  4.4.1 Features

  ● Measurement

  Metering single-phase active total energy, reverse counting into total energy and accumulating separately

  ● Measurement

  Measuring single-phase voltage and current

  ● Time sharing

  Centennial calendar, time, automatic switching in the following year, up to 3 rates can be set, 8 time slots, minimum interval of 1 minute

  ● Settlement

  The historical settlement data of 3 months is stored in the meter. The default setting of the energy settlement date is 24 hours at the end of the month (monthly settlement)

  ● Display

  7-bit wide temperature LCD display; active energy pulse, current rate LED indication

  ● Output

  Active energy pulse output, passive optically isolated output port

  ● Communication

  Support RS485 communication interface, communication protocol optional (Modbus-RTU or DL/T645 protocol)

  4.4.2 Technical parameters

  4.4.3 Dimensions (mm)

  4.4.4 Terminal Blocks

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