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AKH-0.66K open type current transformer
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  1 Open current transformer product features

  AKH-0.66K series open-type current transformers are mainly used in power distribution system transformation projects. It is easy to install, no need to dismantle the busbars, and can also be operated with electricity, without affecting the normal power consumption of customers, saving manpower, material resources and financial resources for the user transformation project. Improve efficiency. This series of current transformers can be used with relay protection, measurement and metering devices.

  2 open current transformer model description

  3 open current transformer specifications

  4 open current transformer specification parameter comparison table

  5 open current transformer installation method

  AKH-0.66K series open type current transformer installation method


  1. The open current transformer must be connected to the electric meter (or other measuring device) twice before installation to ensure that the transformer does not open twice;

  2. Place all open current transformers connected to the secondary line on site and wait for installation;

  3. If the busbar is a cable at the site, it can be installed with electricity; if the busbar is a copper busbar, the electrification operation requires a high degree of proficiency for the operator and requires insulation protection measures;

  4. When installing the transformer, there should be no foreign matter such as impurities and dust on the cut surface of the core to avoid affecting the performance of the transformer.

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