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AKH-0.66P low voltage protection current transformer
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  1 AKH-0.66P low voltage protection current transformer

  1.1 Product Features

  It is mainly applied to the relay protection circuit of multiple busbars. This product is developed for the protection system to detect short-circuit faults. It has different accuracy levels and accurate limit coefficients. It can be expanded to different perforation sizes and is widely used in low-voltage distribution protection systems. .

  1.2 Model Description


  1.3 Dimensions

  1.4 Specifications Comparison Table

  Note: The standard values for rated primary current are: 10A, 12.5A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 75A and their decimal multiples or decimals. The subscript line is the priority value.

  2 AKH-0.66P-I low voltage motor protector dedicated current transformer

  2.1 Product Features

  Accurate measurement, strong overload capability, can be used with our company's ARD2, ARD3 and other motor protection units.

  2.2 Specifications

  2.3 Specifications Comparison Table

  3 AKH-0.66 P-M8 type protection current transformer

  3.1 Product Features

  The primary current is small, and it is mostly used in the relay protection circuit, which is suitable for small space such as low pressure drawer cabinet.

  3.2 Model Description

  3.3 Dimensions

  3.4 Specifications Comparison Table

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