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AKH-0.66 series current transformer
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  I. Overview

  AKH-0.66 series current transformer housing is made of imported polycarbonate with flame retardant and temperature resistance of 120 °C. The iron core is made of oriented cold-rolled silicon steel strip, and the secondary wire is made of high-strength electromagnetic enamel. The product structure is novel. Beautiful appearance, convenient installation, small size, light weight, high accuracy and large capacity.

  The product conforms to the national standard GB1208-2006 (equivalent to IEC60044-1:2003) and has passed CE certification.

  Two technical indicators

  Measuring CT primary current 5-6300A, secondary current 5A, 1A, 0.1A, 0.05A;

  Combined CT primary current 5-200A, secondary current 5A, 1A, 20mA, 50mA;

  Micro CT primary current 5-100A, secondary current 20mA, 50mA;

  Protect CT primary current 5-6300A, secondary current 5A, 1A, 0.1A, 0.05A;

  Double winding CT primary current 5-6300A, secondary current 5A, 20mA, 1A, 20mA;

  Double winding sensor primary current 5-6300A, secondary current AC5A, DC4-20mA, AC1A, DC4-20mA;

  Residual current CT primary current 0-5A, secondary output voltage 1V or current 5mA or current 2mA;

  Measuring CT primary current 5-2000A, secondary current 5A, 1A;

  Open type CT primary current 20-6300A, secondary current 5A, 1A;

  Casting CT primary current 15-20000A, secondary current 5A, 1A.

  Rated working voltage AC0.66kV (equivalent to AC0.69kV, GB156-2003)

  Rated frequency 50-60Hz

  Ambient temperature -30 ° C ~ 70 ° C, the highest temperature resistance 120 ° C

  Altitude ≤3000m

  Power frequency withstand voltage 3000V/1min 50Hz

  For places where there is no direct impact from rain or snow, no serious pollution and severe vibration

  Other special requirements can be customized

  Three selection description

  1. Select the corresponding specification product according to parameters such as primary current and bus cross section. A wire passes through the transformer window. Open the flip cover, make the secondary wiring through the crimping piece, and return the flip cover after the secondary wiring is taken out. Metering electrical energy can be directly sealed with a small hole in the flip cover to prevent electricity theft.

  2. The working current does not exceed 1.1 times of rated value for a long time, and it is allowed to be used for a short time at 1.2 times of rated value, and the time does not exceed 1h;

  3. According to the magnitude of the current to be measured, the rated current ratio is selected. Generally, the measured current is 2/3 of the rated current;

  4, the product polarity is expressed as: one wiring mark P1, P2, the corresponding secondary wiring signs S1, S2; S1 represents the same name end of P1, S2 represents the same name end of P2;

  5. The measuring instrument is connected to the S1 and S2 terminals. The total load of the connected circuit should not exceed the rated load of the transformer. When the position of the installed instrument is far from the current transformer or the circuit load is large, it should be preferred. a current transformer with a secondary current of 1A;

  6. Note that according to the specifications and the number of the busbars, the transformers matching the window size are selected.

  Fourth, the installation method

  AKH-0.66K series open type current transformer installation method


  1. Opening The current transformer must be connected to the meter (or other measuring device) twice before installation to ensure that the transformer does not open twice;

  2. Place all open current transformers connected to the secondary line on site and wait for installation;

  3. If the busbar is a cable at the site, it can be installed with electricity; if the busbar is a copper busbar, the electrification operation requires a high degree of proficiency for the operator and requires insulation protection measures;

  4. When installing the transformer, there should be no foreign matter such as impurities and dust in the cut surface of the core to avoid affecting the performance of the transformer.

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