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  1. BM Series Analog Signal Transmitter Overview

  BM series analog signal isolators can perform high-speed and accurate measurement on current, voltage and other power parameters or non-electrical parameters such as temperature and resistance, and are isolated and converted into standard analog signal output. It can be directly connected to the pointer meter and digital display meter, or can be matched with self-control instruments (such as PLC), various A/D converters and computer systems, and is widely used in electric power, railway, petrochemical, metallurgy, chemical, food. In the automation system of industries such as warehousing, it is a product with high cost performance.

  2. BM Series Analog Signal Transmitter Model Description

  3.BM series analog signal transmitter technical indicators

  4.BM series analog signal transmitter product introduction

  4.1 Passive isolator

  4.2 Two-wire output loop power isolator

  4.3 four-wire isolator

  4.4 Alarm with set point

  5.BM series analog signal transmitter dimensions

  BM-DIS/I, BM-DI/IS, BM-DV/IS, BM-TR/IS, BM-VR/IS, BM-R/IS, BM-DI/V, BM-DI/I, BM- The dimensions of DV/I, BM-DV/V, and BM-TR/I are shown in Figure 1:

  BM-AV/IS, BM-AI/IS, BM-DI/II, BM-DV/II, BM-DI/VI, BM-DV/VI, BM-DV/J, BM-DI/J, BM- The external dimensions of TR/J are shown in Figure 2:

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