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AKH-0.66D series miniature current transformer
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  First, product features

  Rail type design, beautiful appearance, with miniature circuit breaker, convenient wiring. The outer casing material is made of PC+ABS alloy, and the user can directly connect with 10mm2 wire at a time. The wire length is 110mm and the stripping length is 16mm. The secondary terminal adopts the in-line terminal, and the secondary has anti-open circuit protection function. The open circuit voltage is less than 7.8V, which is convenient for user wiring and maintenance. As an AC current signal acquisition component, it can be used with our AMC16 multi-loop monitoring instrument or other electrical measuring instruments.

  Second, the model description


  Third, the size of the specification

  Fourth, the specification parameter comparison table:

  Five, EMS63A terminal block


  Rail type design, beautiful appearance, consistent with the shape of AKH-0.66EMS rail type current transformer, convenient wiring, black PC/ABS alloy for shell material, direct wiring for users with 10mm2 wire at one time, line length 110mm, stripping length 16mm .

  Standard sizes:

  Specification parameter comparison table:

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