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  1 BA Series AC Current Sensor Overview

  The BA series products use the principle of electromagnetic induction to measure the AC current in the power grid in real time. The precision constant current technology and linear temperature compensation technology are used to isolate and convert it into a standard DC signal output. Powered by 24 V or 12 V safe voltage, it has the characteristics of strong overload capability, high precision, high isolation, high safety and low power consumption. It can be widely used in industrial automation.

  The residual current sensor in the BA series is designed for leakage monitoring, monitoring the insulation status of electrical circuits or electrical equipment, and avoiding accidents caused by reduced insulation performance of electrical circuits or electrical equipment.

  Products meet GB/T 13850-1998, GB 1208-2006

  2 BA Series AC Current Sensor Model Description

  3 BA series AC current sensor technical indicators

  4 BA series AC current sensor shape and perforation size

  BA05 current sensor

  BA10 current sensor

  BA20 current sensor

  BA50 current sensor

  BA50L residual current sensor

  5 BA Series AC Current Sensor Wiring Example

  As shown in Figure 1: through the heart output lac,

  The output of the current output type (OUT:ldc) sensor is a common ground current source;

  The output of the voltage output type (OUT:Vdc) sensor is a common ground voltage source

  In the figure, RL is the user load. When the output is current, the load is ≤400Ω; when the output is voltage, the load is ≥lkΩ.

  6 BA Series AC Current Sensor Applications

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