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Photovoltaic power plant solutions
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  Energy shortages, soaring energy prices and environmental pollution have severely constrained the development of society. The application and development of global energy is facing a huge crisis. The transformation of the energy structure is imminent. To solve this series of problems, large-scale development and utilization of green energy is one of the necessary means. The use of green energy can effectively alleviate energy shortages and environmental pollution caused by traditional ore fuel use, and on the other hand, promote local economic development.

  Solar energy as a new energy source is everywhere and inexhaustible. The use of solar energy to invest in the construction of photovoltaic power plants can better solve the current energy shortage and environmental problems. Photovoltaic power plants are static power generation, zero emissions, zero radiation, and zero pollution. The operation and maintenance cost of photovoltaic power plants is low, fuel-free, energy-independent, and not affected by rising energy prices. The PV power plant construction period is short, the use time is as long as 25 years, and the entire system investment recovery is between 5-7 years.

  At present, photovoltaic power plants are mainly divided into three types: home rooftop photovoltaic power plants, industrial and commercial building photovoltaic power plants and centralized photovoltaic power plants.

  I. Industrial and commercial building photovoltaic power generation system solutions

  1.1 Overview

  Industrial and commercial buildings distributed photovoltaic power plants are mainly located in urban industrial parks or enterprises with large roofs, commercial and office buildings. The power generated by the distributed photovoltaic power generation system will be consumed locally to the greatest extent, and only a small proportion of excess power is delivered to the power grid. Shanghai Ankerui New Energy Co., Ltd. distributed photovoltaic power plant system can cover the range of 20kW to several megawatts, and can be tailored according to the roof area and customer needs.

  1.2 System Structure

  Industrial and commercial building photovoltaic power generation grid-connected systems mainly include solar photovoltaic modules, DC combiner boxes, AC combiner boxes, grid-connected inverters and AC grid-connected cabinets, etc., industrial and commercial building photovoltaic power generation due to large installed capacity of grid-connected, so some areas still The relevant power quality detectors need to be installed according to the local power bureau. The overall framework is shown below.

  1.3 System Configuration Checklist


  Note: The above configuration data is only an example. Due to the large-scale distributed power station project, the electrical design is complex, and it is greatly affected by factors such as project topography and grid-connected conditions. Therefore, the company will separately design and configure this type of project. Inconsistent shown.

  1.4 Grid-connected process


  Second, the family roof power generation solution

  2.1 Overview

  The solution can be multi-storey residential, urban high-rise, single-family villa, townhouse, rural residence, etc.

  Generally it is 1-10kw, it can be installed in residential balcony, roof, wall and floor. It can also cooperate with developers to realize BIPV photovoltaic building integration. The amount of power generated can be fully integrated into the grid, all for personal use or surplus power.

  The system has a life span of 25 years. It can also receive state subsidies for power generation. It costs 0.42 yuan per kilowatt hour. It can recover costs after 6-8 years of one investment, and will continue to enjoy stable profits in the next 17-19 years.

  2.2 System Structure

  The home-based photovoltaic power generation grid-connected system mainly includes solar photovoltaic modules, grid-connected inverters and AC grid-connected cabinets. The grid-connected distributed photovoltaic system is relatively small in scale, and the overall framework is as follows:


  2.3 System Configuration Checklist

  Third, centralized photovoltaic power generation solution Note: The above configuration data is only an example. Because the home rooftop photovoltaic power station project is greatly affected by factors such as project topography and grid-connected conditions, the company will separately design and configure such projects. Will differ from the one shown in this table.

  3.1 Overview

  The centralized photovoltaic power station mainly uses large-scale solar cell arrays to directly convert solar energy into direct current electricity. Through the lightning protection combiner box and the DC power distribution cabinet, multiple DCs are fed into the photovoltaic inverter, and the photovoltaic inverter converts the multiple DC power. It is converted into alternating current, and then connected to the power grid through the AC power distribution cabinet, step-up transformer and high-voltage switch device, and the photovoltaic power is transmitted to the power grid, and the power grid is uniformly deployed to supply power to the user.

  3.2 System Structure

  The centralized photovoltaic power plant is mainly composed of four parts:

  1. Power generation equipment (solar panels and lightning protection combiner boxes (APV)).

  2. Transform part (DC power distribution cabinet (APG), grid-connected inverter, AC power distribution cabinet).

  3. Grid-connected part (boost transformer and medium-high voltage switchgear).

  4. SCADA system (environment and site detection system, data acquisition and communication unit and background network management system (Acerui photovoltaic power generation monitoring system Acrel-2000 v8.0)).

  The specific system architecture diagram is shown below:

  3.3 Application scenarios

  Mainly in the western Gobi, desert, rocky desertification areas, make full use of the abundant and relatively stable solar energy resources in the desert area to build a large-scale centralized photovoltaic power station, and access the medium and high voltage transmission system to supply power to long-distance loads.

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