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Kunshan Kaixie Building Power Management System
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Basic Information:

  Project Name: Power Management System of Kunshan Kaixie Building

  Project Location: Kunshan

  Implementation time: 2015

Project Description:

  Kunshan Kaixie Training Co., Ltd. Kaixie Commercial Building project has a total land area of 10784.7m2 and a total construction area of 73323.2m2, of which: the planned building area is 64708.2m2 (the actual building area is 46994.2m2), the uncompressed building area is 8615m2; the plot ratio is 6.0, the building The density is 40.3 and the green rate is 15.1.

  The Kunshan Kaixie Building project conducts electricity monitoring and power management based on the 0.4kV power distribution system between the power stations in the monitoring floor. The system has a total of 101 DTSF-1352 rail-type electric energy meters. Through the access of the Acrel-3000 power management system, the distribution automation in the field is realized, and the unattended indicators are completed, so that the power distribution is reliable and reliable, the power supply is stable and there is no abnormality, and the charge can be relied upon.

System implemented functions:

  1. The system has a 0.4kV floor distribution circuit operating state. It uses a graph to display and display the voltage, current, active reactive power, power factor and frequency, and power of the 0.4kV loop.

  2. The system has a summary of the real-time meter reading of each loop, and the user can freely query the power consumption of each loop;

  3. The system can compare and analyze historical data, which can identify potential faults in time and reduce equipment maintenance costs;

  4. The system has a communication status display, which can display the communication status of each device in real time, and can monitor the network communication status online;

  5. The system has a rights management function, which can prevent unauthorized operations through user rights management.



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